The Boy Who Cried Wolfchev

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Jameson is looking for a certain Dr. Wolfchev in the slums of Lighthalzen. You overhear him talking to himself and startles him.


1. Talk to Jameson in the town of Lighthalzen, slums area (lighthalzen 296 287) Screenshot. He will ask you if you heard him and choose "Yes I am". He will then ask you how much did you hear; answer "Everything". He will then tell tell you that he is looking for Dr. Wolfchev and that his information led him to the Lighthalzen slums. He will then ask you to help him by asking around the slums.

  • Note: Go to the Guard at the 3 o'clock direction in Lighthalzen (267 199) Screenshot and talk to him repeatedly until he is "distracted" (conversation font turns blue color) to be able to enter the slums area. You can also do the Lighthalzen Friendship Quest to get a pass to be able to move to and from the slums.

2. Look for any of the following NPCs around the slums area, namely:-

and ask if they saw Dr. Woflchev. They will say they don't remember; pay any of them 100 zeny so that they "remember". They will tell you about the old man roaming outside the Rekenber Corporation building holding some books and apparently dropping one of those books somewhere at the back of the building.

3. Go the the Rekenber Corporation building (10 o'clock direction of Lighthalzen town map) and proceed at the back of the building (Lighthalzen 85 302). Screenshot Click the bubble box and READ everything.

4. After reading the journal, return to Jameson. He will thank you for your help and invites you to visit him in his office sometimes. This marks the end of the quest.

Required Items

  • 100 zeny