Biolabs F4 Entrance Quest

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  • Once players completed The Boy Who Cried Wolfchev quest, players then may undertake a repeatable quest called Breaking The Seal Quest. This quest must be completed by the server as a whole 250 times (similar to the God Item quests). Furthermore, players of the server must donate a total of 15bn Zeny and 50,000 Premium Points towards a whole-server pot in Lighthalzen Police Department (Lighthalzen 234 276) Screenshot via talking to Chief Constable (lhz_in02 141 199) Screenshot.
  • Once these three conditions have been met, Biolabs F4 will become accessible and the Sealed MvPs will start to roam the world for 30 days. After this time has elapsed, Biolabs F4 will become inaccessible and the Sealed MvPs will become re-sealed.
  • As a thank you to the players who donate Zeny and Points to the server pot, one of the new NPCs will be able to give you items depending on how much you donate. These include the powerful Antique items, as well as an assortment of other items. But be quick! Because once the pot has reached the specified amount, you will not be able to donate again for another 30 days when the seals re-appear.
  • When Biolabs F4 is open, you can journey down from the south-east entrance in Biolabs level 3 (lhz_dun03 240 72) Screenshot.

Required Items

  • 15 billion zeny
  • 50,000 Premium Points

(Total amount players of the server must donate)