Biolabs F4

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Bio Labratory Floor 4 usually is closed, and can only be open when a special quest is finished. To open this dungeon, players must do Biolabs F4 Entrance Quest.
When Biolabs 4 is open, you can journey down from the south-east entrance in Biolabs level 3 (lhz_dun03 240 72).




General informations to the dungeon can be found on rms lhz_dun04.
In the northern part of the map you further can access the Wolfchev's Laboratory Instance.

Lhz dun04.gif


Other Information

  • Cards list : Biolabs F4 Cards
  • Premium Items are allowed, but the player can NOT use Angra Manyu or Ahura Mazdah.
  • Similar to Bio Lab F3, only ONE MVP can be alive at a time, and the spawn of which is also random.
Bio Laboratory F4 Quests
First Quests Second Quest Final Quest
The Boy Who Cried Wolfchev Breaking The Seal Quest Biolabs F4 Entrance Quest