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NPC:Report is a system where a short phrase is sent to whoever in the Revival Staff is online.

This system is for, but is not limited to:

This system is NOT for:

  • Bug Reports
  • Hacking / Scamming Reports
  • Questions about errors
  • Begging for items
  • Begging for disguises and sizes
  • Online Dating
  • Chit chatting with the GMs

Please do not abuse this system since abuse of the system will lead to something as extreme as a 24 hour ban.

How To

  • Simply PM NPC:Report like you would PM any other player.
  • Type NPC:Report on the small text box at the lowermost left part of your screen.
  • Type the name of the person you wish to report and a small description of what he/she is doing that's against the rules.
  • If a GM is online he/she will act upon your report as soon as possible.
  • If no one responds to your report after 15 minutes, take screenshots and post it on the forums.