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This system is one where doing various tasks in game (example Events, or Monster of the Day) reward you with items called Pancakes. These pancakes are converted into a point form (by double clicking them), which can be used at the NPC Pancaline for different things.

How to obtain Pancakes

There are two types of pancakes which you can earn. One is the actual item form, Pancakes, which can be traded between players. The other is the point form, much like Event Points, or Premium Points, which you can't trade. To learn how to obtain the item, Pancakes, see the related wiki page. The point form can be earned from the following ways:

Pancake Uses

Pancaline: (Located in either Prontera /navi prontera 187/209 OR Eden /navi moc_para01 180/48)

  • This NPC shows you your Pancake Point Balance.
  • At this NPC, you have two options. The first option is to use your pancakes to earn various items. The list of these items can be found below in the Rewards section. You can either choose to turn in 1 Point at a time or 10 Points.
  • The other option allows you to trade in Rainbow Acid, Instant Novice Packets, or [Instant Baby Packet]]s to get some pancakes returned.

Pancake Exchange: (Located in Prontera or Eden, next to Pancaline.)

  • This NPC will allow you to trade in 100 Pancakes for 1 Pancaline's Special Stack, which when used gives you 100 pancake points. This is a convenience to avoid having to click on all 100 pancakes.
  • Also in this NPC, you can trade in special Pancakes to create Headgear Costumes.
  • Furthermore this NPC also allows you to exchange "Bacons" from the past Bacon System.

Special Pancakes and Pancaline's Balloons

When trading in points, you get the chance to obtain special pancakes, which include ...

  • Caviar Pancake
  • Jam Pancake
  • Honey Pancake
  • Sour-Cream Pancake
  • Mushroom Pancake

Together with other items you can ask the Pancake Exchanger NPC to create you a special Balloon Headgear Costume.
Note: the special Pancakes are all tradable, however the Syrup is Account bound.

Costume: Deviruchi Balloon
Costume: Lunatic Balloon Costume: Marina Balloon Costume: Savage Babe Balloon Costume: Teddy Bear Balloon
5 Jam Pancakes 5 Caviar Pancakes 5 Mushroom Pancakes 5 Honey Pancakes 5 Sour-Cream Pancakes
1 Breakfast Set
20 Syrup
25 Million Zeny


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