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Monster of the Day, or for short, MOTD/MotD, is a daily reward system for players to hunt monsters for a prize.
Every single day at 00:00 (12am Server midnight), the monster and prize change. The monster can be of any type of monster and the reward will be 3 Pancakes, 20 Cedi Points and 1~3 Heroic Points (depending on the monster).


You can find out which monster has been chosen for the day's MOTD, by speaking to the Monster of the Day NPC in Prontera (Located at 148, 172), few steps down south of the spawn. Alternately you can pm "NPC:Monster of the Day" with any message, to see the current monster and also accept the mission.

MotdSign.png PmMOTD.png

When you speak to it, it will display you three different options:

  • Accept mission
  • Heroic Shop
  • What is Monster of the Day?

NOTE: You can only finish the monster hunt with the character you ACCEPTED the quest. You can't just accept it on character X and continue it on character Y.

Monster Information

The following information will be provided about the monster.

  • Monster - The monster's name.
  • Mob ID - The specific mob id. Some monsters share similar names, but are different mobs. This specifies which mob to kill. It also helps to better find them with @whereis (MobID).
  • Max HP - The amount of HP the monster has.
  • Def - How much Defense the mob has.
  • MDef - How much Magic Defense the mob has.
  • Element - The monster's element.
  • Current Kills - How many kills you have performed on this monster.
  • Kills Remaining - How many more kills you need to finish today's monster kill.
  • Todays Heroic Points - The amount of Heroic points earned after killing all the monsters for today.

The kill count keeps up automatically, and will tell you your rewards when you finished the quest.
Note: I am wearing Night Ring in the Screenshot example, therefor the rewards are doubled.



Heroic Shop

Heroic Shop contains all rewards that can be purchased with Heroic Points.

  • Bonuses of the Headgears do not apply during WoE.
Item Heroic Points Item Heroic Points Item Heroic Points
Pancake 1 Breakfast Set 30 Pancaring Egg 150
Old Card Album
3 Hunter's Clip 40
Level Up Coupon 3 Merchant's Clip 40
Job Level Up Coupon
3 Premium Reset Stone Box 50
Ygg Berry Voucher (50)
5 Bunny Rucksack (Loki) 50
All In One Ring Box 10 Froggie Rucksack (Loki) 50
Speed Potion Box (5) 10 Kitty Rucksack (Loki) 50
Speed Potion Box (10) 15 Polar Bear Rucksack 50
Reset Stone 15 Bat Rucksack (Loki) 50
Mystical Card Album 17 Archangel Wing 100
Poison Bottle Box 20 Heroic Backpack 100
RDC Tags 20 Day Ring 150
Bubblegum 25 Night Ring 150

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