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General FAQ

  • For a full list of Revival's rules, go to the Rules page
  • If you've forgotten the password to your account, use the link[1] to get to the lost password recovery page.
  • Don't know the email, or you don't remember which email you used? No problem. We can do manual email changes. For more information on that, visit the Request Email Change page and follow the steps provided.

In-Game FAQ

What's that one card that does this and that?

  • Revival has many custom cards. There are many cards that were changed to reflect Revival's play policy's. Search here this Wiki if know the name of the custom card.
  • It is allowed and faster to just give a shout on channel #main chat window

How do I get to this specific map?

  • Check Ratemyserver for normal maps. However, there are some maps that (depending on your server) require a quest to be completed before you can access them. For a list of quests that give you access to a map, go here

How do I do this dungeon entrance quest?

Same as mentioned above. Go to Map Access Quests, follow the directions to complete the quest. If the quest has prerequisite quests, make sure to finish those too.

Does this item have a slot? You say it does, but when I look at it, it doesn't!

  • Type @ii (item name)
  • See if the number inside the square brackets [ ] is equal to or more than 1 like the image on the right.
  • If it is, then that means it's the number of the slots it has

It only appears as if it doesn't have slots when you click it, but it actually does. You can also find out by trying to put a card in it. If the item shows up on the card compound menu, then you know you know it has at least 1 slot.

How do I get my platinum (quest) skills?


  • Warp to Morocc (@go 1) or talking to the Warpra nearest you and choosing Town -> Morroc
  • Look for the Platinum Skill NPC on the row of NPCs located in the center of town.

How do I become a baby class character?

  • Speak to a Job Master as a 1/1 Novice
  • This will allow you to job change into Baby 1st Job Class, and Baby Super Novice At the Required level of 45.

How do I get adopted?

  • Join a party with two married people
  • Make sure neither of them have adopted anyone yet. You can check this by asking them to look at their skill tree and see if they have the skill, "Come to me, honey~"
  • Make sure you're either a novice or a first class
  • Ask either of the parents to right click on you with their wedding ring equipped and press adopt

Further information about this can be found on the Adoption System page.

How do I use a Dyna?

Check to make sure you know which dyna you have donated for. Then, PM "NPC:Dyna" (without the quotes) and say the following depending on your dyna:

Replace the _____'s with the item ID or name, you can use @ii, this wiki, or Ratemyserver to check for the ID's. For more information about these items, see Dyna

I paid to change my Dyna's effect to copy the stat/skill bonus of a different premium items, but it doesn't work!

The default effect of the Dyna Upper is +30 to all stats, so you don't have to pay the fee if you wanted that effect. If you change the effect, it would only change for the character you changed it on. Example: If you are on character A and change the effect, then on character B, the effect is still the default. If you want the same effect on all of your characters, you have to pay the fee on each character. Each character could have a separate effect.

Why can't I delete my character?

Note: If you select to delete more than 1 character at a time, you must wait for all characters to pass the 24 hour point before you will be allowed to delete any of them.

  • Press "Del" on the character you want to delete
  • Wait 24 hours
  • Press "Del" on the character again. Then, type in the first 6 characters of e-mail address used to register with Revival. Should you decide to change your mind before the 24 hours, you can always press the "Restore" button. Nifty, eh?

I looked for an item in my storage but it didn't show up on the search feature! WHYYYY?

  • It's case sensitive, so make sure you capitalized the first letter and that your spelling is correct. If you're not too sure, it's best to type a few letters and see if anything shows up.

I can't see my equips when I press the Alt + Q button!

  • You need to press the minimize button beside the "x" at the top right of the window to make your equips show up again.

How do I enable battlemode?

You don't need to, the default setting for the new client has battlemode enabled. To set your hot keys to your liking, press Esc and press the "BM/Shortcut Settings" button. You will find a table. On the first column, you will see a number followed by a hyphen and another number.

The first number corresponds to the row level of the skill, and the second number corresponds to the column number of the skill or item that you hotkeyed. To set the hotkey button, click on the cell beside the respective number and press the button you wish to set it to.

To use the skills, make sure your chat box doesn't have a blinking cursor in it or else you'll end up typing the hotkey you use for your skills. If it is blinking, just press the Enter/Return button on your keyboard so you can use your hotkeys freely again.

Common Bugs / Errors

I can't raise my skill points for some reason.

  • Minimize your skill window by pressing the '-' button at the upper right portion of the screen (See the next question for information on this)

I'm wearing an equip that's supposed to give skills but it doesn't show up on my skill tree.

  • Make sure your skill window is minimized by pressing the '-' button at the upper right portion of the screen.
  • You looked Etc tab of the skill window, right?
  • After clicking that, your skill tree should look a little more like THIS:

Skills given by cards or equipment show up on the bottom of the 2nd job tab. If you don't see a button beside the skill you want to raise, it's probably a platinum skill or you don't have the prerequisites for it. Check Ratemyserver or the Skills category for more information regarding skills.

If that still doesn't work and you recently reset your skills, check your job level and see if you have more skill points than your current job level. If you do, you need to spend more skill points on the first job skills. The second job skills will only be opened if you have one less skill point than your current job level. (if my job level is 10, I need to have 9 skill points left to be able to open my second job skills).

When I create a character it says NO MSG in red at the top left portion at the character select screen and won't let me make any character at all!

  • Close your client and reopen it. Log in again, you should be able to make the character by then.

I'm level 99 and I stopped gaining EXP!

  • You're still gaining exp, the client just thinks that 99 is the maximum level so it doesn't display the exp you gain. just type @showexp and keep killing, you'll get past 99 eventually.

My screen went Black/White and I can't see anything!

  • First, use /lightmap to see if that fixes it. If not, close your client and log in again.

When I went to a certain town, dungeon or map, I get a Revival.bin error.

  • There was something wrong with your installation.
  • A temporary fix for this would be to log into the main website, here. Press "My Account" and press the "Fix Location" link that's on the same line as the character you encountered the error on, and never to go to that place again.

If that doesn't work, redownload the client and patch again.

When I double click, right click or check someone's equipment window and they have a certain item, I error out.

There are typically two reasons why this happens:

  1. The player is using a Dyna and selected a headgear to copy that does not have a sprite. As long as the equipment window does not get opened, you will not error. There is no solution aside from the player changing their dyna headgear
  2. There was something wrong with your installation. Download the full client from here, and patch.

I seem to have errored out with the item I wanted to change my dyna into.

The best way to avoid this, it to always keep your equipment window closed when you change your dyna headgear. The cause of this error is the headgear is trying to load a sprite that does not exist. If your equipment window is closed, it doesn't need to load a sprite. You will be able to tell if you would error by looking at your character. If, after you chose a headgear with Dyna, you see that you are not wearing any hat, then most likely you will error if you open your equipment window. An alternative solution if you do have your equipment window open, and error is:

  • Log into the Revival website, here
  • Press "My Account", and press the "Reset Appearance" link that's on the same line as the character you errored out on.
  • Now log into the game, press F11, and PM "NPC:Dyna" with the word clear.
  • Re-equip the Dyna, and you're free to change again. Just make sure you don't change back to the item you errored out on.

I just finished killing those overpowered porings in Pouring Rain/Blood, all my party mates got the hat, but I didn't. Why?

You must have skipped a step. Most people miss the step where you have to talk to the tree first before going in. Check the steps for the Pouring Rain Quest first and redo everything. We can't give you the hat because it was a user error, so please don't beg for it.

I can't see the PMs I send but I can see the PMs sent to me!

Relog by pressing Escape and pressing Character Select and selecting the character again. If that doesn't work you're going to have to close the client and login again.

I'm an alchemist / creator, but when I cast Pharmacy it won't let me make the item.

Are you sure you have all the items needed? Check Ratemyserver. If you're sure you have every item needed, check if you have Medicine Bowls. You need them in order to be able to successfully cast Pharmacy.

I can't log on my Creator, I get AI errors.

Log on to a different character and type /hoai, then you can log on back to your Creator. Make sure after typing "/hoai", the words 'Homunculus has been activated with the basic AI' appear.

If that doesn't work, you probably don't have the AI files at all. Go here and download the latest mirAI file. You may install both MirAI and the control panel in the usual \AI\USER_AI folder inside your main Revival folder.

If you're still receiving errors, and you're sure that you installed mirAI properly, then the custom AI system just isn't going to work for you. In that case, you'll need to go to the iRO wiki here and download the Default Homunculus/Mercenary AI. Extract that into your main Revival folder, overwriting any old files, and you should be all set!

When I used the Mercenary system I error out.

Log on a different character and type /merai, then log on back to the character where you errored out. Make sure after typing "/merai", the words 'Mercenary Soldier will follow basic AI' appear, if not, type it again.

Connection / Patching Issues

I can't connect to the file server!

  • Try turning off your firewall and patch, and after patching, turn it back on.

If that still doesn't work, you most probably have a problem with your connection. Restart your pc or your router and try again. If it still doesn't work, try after a few hours.

When I patch, it downloads, but at the end it says "Failed to write file".

  • Your Revival window needs to be closed while patching, that means you can't play while patching so it can write over the files needed.

If it complains about failed to write symphony.dll or detoured.dll, and your RO isn't even running, press OK, then press "Start" on the patcher to start Revival and it should tell you that the patcher has changed and needs to be restarted, so you need to run it again and continue onwards and patch.

When I press Start on my patcher, the client doesn't appear!

  • Try turning off your firewall and press start.
  • If that still doesn't work, press setup.exe on your main Revival folder and uncheck the full screen option.

Here's how it should look like:


  • The resolution doesn't have to be exact, but you get the point. If no resolution is shown, then you either don't have a video card, or your drivers are not up to date. You should be able to see the resolution (top 2 drop down boxes)
  • If that still doesn't work, download the full client from the Revival site, and install it on a separate folder.

The Various Points Systems

How do I donate?

  • ---

How does the voting system work?


See: Vote System

What are event points?

From the name itself, event points are points awarded to you by a GM if you win his/her hosted event. Events are typically not scheduled, so just look for in-game notices regarding when an event will be.

I got event points, what do I do with them?

  • Log into the game
  • Go to the Event Point Redemption NPC (location varies on your server).
  • Spend points as if they were regular items from an shop NPC

How does exchanging premium items work?

  • Go to Prontera (@go 0)
  • MAKE SURE you've de-carded your donation item
  • Make sure you're within three days of the purchase date. It goes by whole days, so if you purchase it at 11:50PM on friday, the 3 day mark will be on Monday at 12:00:01 am. The time doesn't matter, but the day does.
  • Open a ticket in in GM Assistant titled Premium Refund(ticket date opened) E.g. Premium Refund(April 1) and wait for a GM to get your ticket.

Note: If the item is purchased with limited points or by both premium and limited points, the exchanger NPC will not let you trade them in.

What are Limited Points and what's the difference between Limited Points and Premium Points?

Premium points are obtained through donating money to the server or buying 100 Point Coins from other players. Limited points, however, are obtained when you do a premium item exchange (see above question), and they are account bound which means you can't transfer them or buy 100 Point Coins with them. You can buy everything else with limited points though.