Adoption System

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The Adoption System is the process of becoming a Baby class by being adopted by a married couple. Becoming a Baby requires the adoptee to be a First Class or Novice and the parents must be both level 70 or higher.

Note Loki: However, for loki, any character can become a baby class without being adopted. To do this, you need to speak to the Job Master while you are still a level 1/1 Novice. The NPC will ask if you want to become a baby. If you agree, you will become a baby novice.

How to Adopt

  1. Have a male and female become married.
  2. Invite the character that is to become adopted into the party.
    • Note: Parents must have their wedding rings equipped.
  3. Type in @adopt <Playername>, to adopt the player.
    • Note: Parents can only adopt one character. Once adopted, you can reverse the process to adopt another character.


Adopted characters and their parents gain access to new skills.

Skills for Adoptees

Mom, Dad, I love you!.png Mom, Dad, I love you!
Parents will have no death penalty for 2 minutes; Requires 10% of the child's Max SP Amount.
Mom, Dad, I miss you!.png Mom, Dad, I miss you!
Summons parents to the child's location.

Skills for Parents

Come to me, honey~.png Come to me, honey~
Summons child to parent's location.

Benefits of being Adopted

  • The child will be able to share with either (or both) of their Parents at any given level, as long as the Parents are both 70+.
  • The child is now Size Small. This renders Skeleton Worker Cards ineffective in PvP or WoE against child characters, as the only aspect of it that will affect them is the +5 ATK per card.
  • Since the child is Small sized, the Knight skill Pierce will only do 1 hit.

Limitations of being Adopted