Buwaya's Cave

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Base Level: 100 (Main Quest) 130 (Buwaya Extermination)
Party: 2+ (Buwaya Instance Part)
Item(s) (Consumed): Template:Item List

Template:Item List

Quest Prerequisite(s): Cautious Village
Items: Template:Item List (Non-VIP)

Template:Item List (VIP)

Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
1,000,000 600,000
  1. In Port Malaya, talk to the Guard (malaya 305, 281). He tells you more people are leaving the village secretly the past days. He will ask you if you are also heading to the forest to search for the mysterious treasure.
  1. Ask him about the the treasure and he realize that you didn't really came to look for it. He heard that people are talking about a mysterious treasure hidden deep in the forest. He asks you to gather information from the people not too far from him.
  2. Speak with the Port Malaya Villagers (malaya 270, 280), the woman tells you that she have no idea about the treasure. You hear from them that they are talking about a boy named Totoy, a troublemaking kid that recently came back from the forest. They wonder how he became quiet since he came back. Continue listening to their conversation.
  1. After listening, you learned that Totoy might know where the treasure is. You decide too look for him at the Inn.
  2. Proceed to the Inn (middle of the town) and speak with Totoy on the upper floor. Tap him on the shoulder and he tells you to go away. You ask him if he's the one who found the treasure and he tells you that he is blind.
  1. Ask him what happened but he can't talk too long. He needs to heal himself before he can speak with you. He tells you that should be a Green Potion left inside the drawer.
  2. You open the drawer and found nothing but an empty potion bottle. With 1 Template:Item in your inventory, give the potion to Totoy.
  3. His eyes are well now and returns to your conversation. He asked if you said he found the treasure. Tell him what the people are talking about and he just laughs about it. You discover the reason he went to the forest is to catch bugs. He ventured deep into the forest because he was not getting any.
  4. Ask him about the bugs then suddenly, he will bring up something about a monster he saw. After listening to the story, he suggest you to see the Master of Hunting. He might know what monster it is.
  5. Find the Master of Hunting (malaya 290, 152) near the fence after the Tool Shop.
  1. Ask him about the monster Totoy has been talking about and tell him it has 2 heads. He seemed clueless about what you're saying and doesn't believe you.
  2. Tell him that you'll prove it and he asks you to collect 10 Collected Samples from the forest.
  3. Head to the forest. Click on the Unknown Traces scattered near the entrance. Collect 10 Template:Item.
  1. After getting the required number of samples, return to the Master of Hunting. He is surprised sample pertains to Buwaya's Tooth. He concluded that the monster Totoy saw must be Buwaya and he is very lucky to survive from it. He asks you to report to the Guard Leader to tell Buwaya is alive again.
  2. Speak with the Guard Leader (malaya 290, 340) and tell him about Buwaya. He asks you to shoot a smoke bomb to where Buwaya was seen for the safety of the villagers.
  1. Proceed to the forest, as you make your way to the entrance of the cave, you will hear a dog barking.
  2. Speak with the dog and look closely at it. You realize that this is Ed that Totoy is talking about. You ask him the location of Buwaya's Lair.
  1. You then shoot the bomb at Buwaya's Hideout. After that you decide to take the dog back to Totoy.
  2. Speak with Totoy and you realize that she is a girl. She thanks you for bringing Ed back home and told you to wait while she find something.
  3. Speak with her again. She gives you 5 Template:Item as a reward.
  4. Return to the Guard Leader, he gives you 1,000,000 EXP and 600,000 Job EXP.

Defeating Buwaya

  1. At the entrance, speak with the Guard (ma_fild02 315 315) to create an instance for your party.
  2. After the instance has been set, enter the cave.
  3. Look around the cave for the real Buwaya. There are also fake Buwaya's that look and are named just like the real MVP, but they are a lot weaker and die fast. If you come close to a fake one, you will be warped into its treasure box and poisoned. You also seem to get warped there randomly by chance. Speak to the Kidnapped Woman to spawn two Buwaya's Weaknesses that must be defeated within a a short time period to leave the box. These are plant type, meaning they only take one damage per hit. Once both are defeated, a portal appears at the top of the map that warps you back into the cave.
  4. Find the real Buwaya and get some hits off before the cycle repeats.
  • Note: This portion can be extremely frustrating. The plants in the cave cast Agi Down at all times and there is little time to find and attack the real Buwaya.


  • Right after you got warped inside the box, you will get Poisoned. Speak with the Lady and ask her how can you get out. She hides from the room. The timer will start and 2 Buwaya's Weakness will appear at the top edge of the room. You need to kill it before the old lady re-appears or you will have to repeat killing it. Once you get rid of the 2 Weakness, they each have 20 HP, a portal will open.
  • Speaking to the old man inside the box will give you ATK & MATK buffs.
  • You do not need to start any quests to be able to enter Buwaya Instance.
  • Because of the method used to warp players into the box, dead players are not warped. There is a good probability that players in Hiding will also not be warped.
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