Dress Hat Quest

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You find Elizabeth in her house in Lighthalzen looking for her sister, Jane. She is outside town with her boyfriend, Bingley, at their favourite spot - a pond Bingley helped fund to build. Jane explains her sister is angry because Mr Darcy, a new resident of Lighthalzen, is throwing a welcoming ball. Jane also lets on Darcy is looking for a bride. Despite Bingley being worried, you return to Elizabeth sans Jane, and Elizabeth agrees that Jane is correct; she is on edge about the ball, however, she is in need of a dress. You agree to help her, and retrieve some items for her.

After this you meet Darcy, where the preporations for the ball have fallen through; the venue cannot be used due to the cleaners being MIA after drinking all the punch. Sympathetic, you agree to help him, and he sends you to Bingley to see if you can borrow his estate. He points you in the direction of the estate owner, who, after a little persuation, lets you use his house. Next, you find buy some robotic cleaners from Kiel Hyre in Lighthalzen, and agree to make some punch for Darcy.

The ball all done, you return to Elizabeth, whom you escort to the ball. Once there, speaking to Bingley remarks on the tension between Elizabeth and Darcy. Speaking to Darcy reveals he is not interested in Elizabeth, and she over-hears his shun. After speaking to her, she comments on his pride. After which, Darcy feels guilty and asks you to help him choose what to do: Ignore her, Be a soppy sod, or Beg for forgiveness. The ball is over, and Darcy tells you to speak to him again. Depending on which option you pick, you will have to collect some items for him; either way, he will make up with Elizabeth, and the two will have a date.


  • Warp to Lighthalzen .
  • Head to the slums area on the right side of the map and talk to the Guard (Located at 267, 200). Keep talking to him until he allows you to pass to the slums.
  • Head up the hill, and up the staircases to a building located at (341, 261). You should see an Elderly Woman standing outside of the door.
  • Head inside the building and speak to Elizabeth. She will ask you to find Jane at her favorite spot outside of town.
  • Head back to Lighthalzen, and go north. Keep going until you reach Lighthalzen Field 01. Head straight until you reach a pool of water. Speak to Jane, who is located on the bench by the water (Located at 241, 131).
  • Return to Elizabeth and she will ask you to collect her some items:
10 Lemon Dyestuffs, 10 Darkgreen Dyestuff, 10 Orange Dyestuff
  • After collecting these head back to Lighthalzen and speak to Darcy (Located at 252 132).
  • Head back to Lighthalzen Field 01 and find Bingley (Located at 241 133). He will tell you to find a Gambler in the Airship.
  • Find the Gambler on Airship (Located at 26 57) by boarding the Domestic Airship (Lighthalzen -> Hugel -> Yuno ->Einbroch ->) and get him either:
1 Jacket for Thor.
1 Mink Coat [1] for Loki.

  • Return back to Elizabeth and go with her to the ball.
  • At the ball, speak to Bingley, then to Darcy, then to Elizabeth.
  • Finally, speak to Darcy, and pick an option.
  • Go see Darcy, and collect the required items for him.
  • When you have collected everything he needs, you will receive a Dress Hat.

Required Items

1 Wedding Dress
1 Small Ribbons
100 Fabric
100 Tassel
1 Jacket
50 Apple Juice
50 Banana Juice
50 Grape Juice
50 Carrot Juice
10 Alcohol
  • 1,000,000 Zeny
1 Wedding Dress
10 Small Ribbons
100 Fabric
200 Tassel
10 Lemon Dyestuffs
10 Darkgreen Dyestuffs
10 Orange Dyestuff
1 Mink Coat [1]
200 Apple Juice
200 Banana Juice
200 Grape Juice
200 Carrot Juice
300 Alcohol
  • 5,000,000 Zeny

Depending on which option you pick, you will have to get:

Do a Love Letter
1 Pencil Case
200 Slick Paper
  • Thor only:
1 Pencil Case
30 Slick Paper
30 Oil Paper


Ignore her
1 Baby Desert Wolf Egg
Note: You must hatch the egg before talking to him and the pet won't get taken.


Give Gifts to the Lady
1 Sunday Hat
1 Necklace of Wisdom
2 Crystal Pumps
  • Thor only:
1 Big Ribbon
2 Gold Ring


Complete this quest and you will receive a Dress Hat.