Carrot Headgear Quest

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Elmer Thudd is worried about the rabbit infection that might eat all of his crops. Help him save his carrot farm.


  • Travel to the Archer Village in Payon. You can do this by warping to Payon Dungeon F1 and exit from the dungeon entrance or by taking the north exit from Payon.
  • Head to the southern portal, and speak to Elmer Thudd (Located at 78, 28).
  • He will ask you to hunt 150 Buggs Bunny.
  • When you're finished killing 150 Buggs Bunny, return to Elmer Thudd to get your Carrot Headgear.

Required Items

There are no required items for this quest.


Complete this quest to receive a Carrot Headgear.




  • This quest is not repeatable. You can only do it once per character.
  • Buggs Bunny is a Lunatic-type monster located in Archer Village.