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How Do I Download RevivalRO?

Note: Before Downloading and Installing RevivalRO, make sure that you have no RevivalRO files already located in your ProgramFiles -> RevivalRO folder.


The different install methods available on the website.


1. In order to download via BitTorrent, you first need a BitTorrent program. Go to and download the program. It's completely free to use. After downloading the program, make sure to install it.
2. After you have installed your BitTorrent program, go to the RevivalRO Installation Page.
3. Click on "Download the full client via BitTorrent". It will open a download box. Click Ok.
4. The program BitTorrent will open and show you a window stating what is in the file.
5. The file will begin to download, it may now be paused and started again at your convenience. When it finishes, it will start to seed.
6. Go to the Downloads folder that it put the installing file in. Open it and install RevivalRO. It will take a few minutes but will be close to fully patched. If you obtain any errors, or problems using the installer, or game client, post in the appropriate Technical Support section of the forums.

Windows Installer

1. Go to the RevivalRO Installation Page.
2. Select the "PC Full Client Link"; download the "".
3. After the download finished, open the .zip file with either 7zip or WinRAR.
4. Follow the installation instructions.

What is the Difference Between HTTP & BitTorrent?

When you download something using the direct download (HTTP), it will try to download the whole file at once. A window will pop up and start downloading. If you lose internet connection, or close the window, the download stops and you have an incomplete file. You wouldn't be able to use the file and would have to redownload all over again.
The solution to this problem, is using BitTorrents for large files. Pretend you had 10 computers, 9 of them had a file already on them. Computer 10 is trying to download that file. Instead of downloading the full thing from 1 computer hoping not to have it ended early, it will download bits and pieces from the other 9 computers. The benefit to using a BitTorrent, is that you can pause and start the torrent when ever you want. This is extremely useful if you have a large file that will take many hours or days to download.

What is Seeding?

In the above example, the other 9 computers are seeding. They already have the file and are giving parts to the computer that is downloading it. The more seeders there are, the faster a download is finished because you can get parts from more computers at the same time.

Which One Should I Use?

RRO currently has only a Full Client download. It had a small client before, but that was removed and replaced with something that would help solve various problems that arose. For the Full Client, is is preferable to use the BitTorrent. The size of the Full Client is approx 1.5GB and to make sure nothing goes wrong, people tend to use the BitTorrent over the Direct Download.

Installation guide on Mac

Check the Installation guide on the External Link section.

External Links

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