Bangungot's Hospital

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Base Level: 100
Party: 2+ (Bangungot Instance Part)
Item(s) (Consumed): Template:ItemList
Quest Prerequisite(s): Cautious Village
Items: Template:Item List, Template:Item List, Template:Item List
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
Varies Varies
Quest Reward(s): Bangungot Hospital Access

Intro Quest

  1. Speak with Nurse Las standing in front of the abandoned hospital (malaya 55 72). She will ask you if you plan on going inside.
  1. Ask about the hospital & her reason for stalling you. She then explains how creepy the hospital is.
  2. She asks you if you could take her with you. Because her legs are hurt and having blisters, she asks if you could give her 2 Rotten Bandages to wrap them.
  3. Hand over her the bandages. Talk to her again, and then click on the Hospital Door. She then asks you to to speak with the townfolks while she contact the headquarters.
  4. Speak with the Village Woman just a couple of cells away from and ask about the hospital. She tells you that it has been closed for a very long time and she's been there once when she had a stomach ache.
  1. Ask her about the nurse. She finds it strange to have a new nurse for a closed hospital.
  2. Return to Nurse Las and tell her what the woman said. She finds it strange because the headquarters assigned her there and thinks that the woman doesn't know much about the place. She asks you to ask somebody else.
  3. Find the Village Man (malaya 62 37) (near the hospital jeepney station, south of the nurse) and ask about the hospital. He tells you that it was closed down because of an accident and he won't tell you much details.
  1. Ask him about the nurse. He tells you that the nurse was invited to save the hospital. He then asks you if you could take her middle of town, near the inn where Dr. Boon is staying.
  2. Return to Nurse Las. She tells you she can no longer move because of her feet and asks you to go there instead and meet Dr. Boon.
  3. Find Dr. Boon near the inn at the center of the map (210,200). He asks you if you're the new nurse they asked. Answer him with a 'NO'. Explain the situation and he tells you that he can't leave because he's treating patients at the inn and hands you over the hospital key.
  1. Go back to Nurse Las and hand over the key and message.
  2. As you try to unlock the door again, it appeared as if it is not locked but it still won't open. Speak to Nurse Las again, a whispering voice tells you that you are not getting inside the hospital. You ask who is it and it replied you it's a secret.
  3. Ask "About The Mom" and it tells you that the old lady's daughter was hospitalized there and never got out of it. You find out that the voice is coming from the bushes near the entrance of the hospital.
  4. Investigate the Bushes (just a couple of cells left from Nurse Las).
  1. It tells you not to come closer and mistaking you for an old man. Ask about the Old Lady. He then tells you that the old lady went around the hospital sticking some kind of sticks into the ground. Promise him not to tell anyone you've seen him.
  2. Pull out the Suspicious Wooden Stick' scattered around the hospital until you obtain 1-10 Lesser Agimat.
  1. Return to Nurse Las. She suggests you to give the old lady a visit.
  2. Find the Bent Old Lady (malaya 114 183) and ask her about the hospital. She tells you that the hospital is cursed and something wicked is living there. She tells you that they were very happy that the hospital is being built but instead of curing people it killed them including her daughter.
  3. Show her the stick you pulled out from the hospital and she screams angrily because you took away the talisman to stop the wicked thing. You realize that Nurse Las could be in danger standing in front of hospital and you decide to go back quickly.
  4. Return to Nurse Las. She tells you that while you are gone she accidentally opened the door.
  5. Enter the hospital. She asks you to go check the entrance of the 2nd floor of the hospital.
  6. Near the entrance to the 2nd floor near the SE corner of the map, click on the strange stick (152, 23) and speak with Nurse Maenne (147, 10). You decide to tell Nurse Las about what you saw.
  7. Return to Nurse Las. She suggests you to consult the Bent Old Lady about the talisman.
  8. Go to the Bent Old Lady. She tells you that she asked the Shaman to make it for her.
  9. Speak with the Shaman (malaya 274 367). He tells you that he has a bad feeling about you. Though you're not saying anything yet. He tells you that you will be needing the talisman and doesn't ask you for any fee.
  10. Return to Nurse Las. She tells you that she felt something strong and asks how about you stick it over the one you saw near the 2nd floor entrance to block the bad energy.
  11. Return to the 2nd floor entrance and stick the new talisman over the old one. After sticking it in, you felt the dark energy being lifted away.
  12. At this point, it seems you have been fooled by Nurse Las to do something about the talismans and she seemed happy about it. With the talismans on your possession she can't take you with her in her room. You will be warped back at the entrance.
  13. Speak with Nurse Maenne at the entrance and she tells you that both of you were about to enter Bangungot's Room.
  14. Ask her about Bangungot and Nurse Maenne, listen to the explanation. You discover that Nurse Maenne is the new nurse the village is talking about and found that Bangungot pretented to be her.
  15. After the conversation, you will receive 3 Ancient Grudge, 5 Lesser Agimat, 1 Old Purple Box, EXP & Job EXP.

Bangungot Instance Part

At this point, you now have access to


About Bangungot's Hospital

There is no information currently available


The following list contains NPCs that are custom to RebirthRO. The NPCs listed here are not involved in any quests. For specific locations of these NPC's, please refer to their article page. For a list of NPCs that are common to Bangungot's Hospital, please search around Ratemyserver, or IroWiki

No Custom NPCs located on this map for this server

No Custom NPCs located on this map for this server

No Custom NPCs located on this map for this server

(2nd Floor of the hospital). A strong party is recommended for Bangungot is a hard one. His room is small and it could be a trouble if you get mobbed by his minions inside. To proceed speak with Nurse Meanne at the entrance to the 2nd Floor to book for an instance. You are given 1 Hour to complete this instance.
  • Upon entering the 2nd Floor, Bangungot will broadcast messages as you proceed. She will then summon Mangkukulams in each room. Your goal here is to eliminate them to open the portal to Bangungot's Room.

Phase 1: Kill monsters tormenting patients

Phase 2A: Eliminate Bangungot (2~3 Minutes)

  • Fight against Bangungot, you must deal at least <x> damage or she will recover some HP at the end of the round.
  • Several Bangungot's Mananaggal may spawn along with Bangungot, the number that spawn increases according to <something>. Any that you do not kill will remain in the room in subsequent iterations of this phase.
  • Things to watch out for are LoV, and quicken/powerup when it gets low. Otherwise it is fairly easy.
  • If Bangungot dies, advance to Phase 3.

Phase 2B: Rescue one of the patients (2~3 Minutes)

  • You will be moved to another identical location on the map. The Bangungot you were fighting still exists and maintains its previous HP value.
  • Bangungot (invulnerable) will spawn at the center of the room and cast full heal. (dont waste time trying to kill it)
  • All players will be resurrected with 1 health and moved near the portal.
  • Several Bangungot's Mangkukulam and Bangungot's Tiyanak will spawn in one of the patients rooms, kill them all (quickly!).
  • When they have all died, you will return to Phase 2A.

Phase 3: The Pillar of Spirit (1 Minute)

  • This is where you are successful of defeating Bangungot in Phase 2A. But in order to eliminate it completely, you must defeat the Pillar of Spirit.
  • The Pillar of Spirit has a max HP of 250 with 1 damage taken (similar to plants and mushrooms).
  • If you fail to defeat it within a minute. Bangungot will be fully resurrected and return to phase 2A. (the remaining HP of the pillar of spirit will probably be saved for a future iteration of phase 3)
  • Easiest way to kill it is Genetic's Blood Sucker. (This does not instant kill it anymore) Still good thing to use as it procs stuff like CD in mouth.

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