Gypsy Bell Quest

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A very drunk guy is hanging behind the Morocc Pub and his name is Ralph. He's been singing songs by himself and wishes to get another drink, but the Bar owner kicked him out. He got so drunk that he started making fun of the bells in your head even though you helped him buy drinks.

A Shifty-eyed woman in the Geffen Tower named Vanessa is hot-headed about some misunderstanding. She got tipsy one night with Ralph and now she's the laughing stock of the town. She would find out that your interested in her actual bells since you're wearing those big honkers on your head. Since she threw a frying pan on your head, she is feeling guilty and would offer you a prototype of the bells she's currently working on.


Note: You must be wearing Decorative Golden Bells for all the NPCs involved to talk to you.
  • Warp to Morocc (@go 1) and head north-west and speak to Giggling Old Man (Located at 32 268). He would be behind the Morocc Bar (Located at 55 259).
  • Agree to have a drink with him and bring him a Tropical Sograt from the Bartender inside the Morocc Pub.
  • He will ask for another drink, this time, bring him a Vermilion on the Beach.
  • Return to the Giggling Old Man, he will get drunk and make funHe then tells you about Vanessa from Geffen before going into a hysterical laughter and falling asleep.
  • Warp to Geffen and head straight north and enter the Geffen Tower (Located at 119 113) and head to the third floor of the tower.
  • On the third floor, head to the uppermost corner and talk to the Shifty-Eyed Lady. She is Vanessa. Ask to see her bells and get ready to duck from a flying frying pan!
  • Interrupt her and tell her "No! I meant the metal jingling type!". She will apologise and tell you about a new prototype of bells she's currently working on.
  • Agree to help her obtain the items, and she will tell you what the items are. Bring her the items to obtain the Gypsy Bells.

Required Items


Items not consumed:


Complete this quest and you will receive Gypsy Bells.