Black Death Aura Quest

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  • Warp to Moscovia (@go 25).
  • Walk to the Western side of the island and talk to Thanos (Located at 151 170). You need to have a Lord of Death Card in your inventory for Thanos to speak to you about the quest.
  • Thanos will give you a list of items. Return with the required items to make Black Death Aura

Required Items


Complete this quest and you will receive a Black Death Aura.




  • All of the miscellaneous items for this quest are boss drops from Catacombs level 2 (with the exception of Lord of Death Card), which isn't open often, it would be wiser to farm zeny and buy these items from other players.
  • Lord of Death Card will be taken from you at the end of the quest.
  • To do the White Death Aura Quest instead, talk to Roho.