Golden Wings Quest

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The Prontera Castle's mastersmith is looking for his golden bag that was stolen by a Shady Blacksmith from Morocc. It happened that you bought the bag and you gave it back to Heholgrenn. He will offer you to create Golden Wings for one condition:

You must slay a Great Demon lurking inside the depths of Glast Heim.


  • Travel to Morroc and walk to the south-west corner and enter the Refining Building (Located at 45 45).
  • Proceed downstairs and talk to the Shady Blacksmith.
  • Pay him the Zeny as shown below for your server to purchase the Gold Bag.
  • Travel to Prontera and walk all the way north into the Prontera Castle (Located at 155, 358). Once inside, take an immediate right and go down the stairs.
  • Talk to the Goldsmith, and bring him the required items.
  • He will tell you about a Great Demon, and to enter the map to fight him, you have to pay the Mage Knight some Gold.
  • Warp to Coal Mines F3, and kill the Stapos.
Note:Each Stapo will give you 1 "Gold". You need at least 300 gold.
  • You will then need to warp to Glast Heim Entrance. Walk to the top center of the map and enter through portal (Located at 199 350).
  • Pay the Mage Knight 100 gold to fight the demon, the Ifrit prime. It will be tough, so you better bring a party.
  • Once you have defeated the demon, return to the Goldsmith (with 200 gold) and obtain your Golden Wings.

Required Items

100 Red Tinted Feather
400 Peco Peco Feather
600 Harpy Feather
20 Gold
20 Gold Bullion
1 Decorative Golden Bell
  • 20,000,000 Zeny


Complete this quest and you will receive Golden Wings