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This page contains an explanation on all methods to reach the staff: how to do it, in which cases and how it works. It also contains useful tips to help Game Masters help you.

In Game: Helpdesk


Find the GM Assistant NPC in Prontera 141, 227 and input a brief description of your issue.


  • Sign up with a character on the account that has the issue. Don't use alt accounts if they aren't the subject of the issue.
  • Log off or remove your ticket if you're going AFK for long periods of time. Not only being recalled and sent back to queue will put you at the bottom of the queue, if GMs recall you five times and find you always AFK, your ticket will be deleted.
  • If you resolve your issue before you get recalled, speak to GM Assistant again to remove your ticket.

When to sign up?

  • Glitches that apply only/mainly to you (Example: why does my homun have no skills and no skill points even though it's 255?)
  • Things where 'ONLY a GM can help you and and there isn't another, more proper channel for addressing it.
  • Other small middle group of issues (Example: Help, I did this and this and this and it's still not letting me purchase points on the website, etc)
  • Claim prizes for contests that we tell you to go to Helpdesk for.
  • Reporting a rule breaker, scamming, hacking, etc. that is not happening right in that moment.

It is NOT for:

  • Asking for events!
  • Asking for leveling help!
  • Asking for free items!
  • Asking what equipment is the best, or other kinds of opinions (use #main instead!)!
  • Making suggestions about Sacrifice or how you think Fabre cards should be worth more Cedi!
  • Getting a screenshot with a GM!
  • Trying to get issues magically resolved that you've not explored every other reasonable option to fix!

How does it work?

Your ticket will be put in queue (waiting list). Game Masters will be notified when you log-in with any character, and they will recall you when it's your turn. Before you are recalled you will get a notice in your chatbox, same if you are about to be sent back.
Somedays it might happen that the Helpdesk queue is particularly busy. In that case, you might experience a slight delay before getting recalled.

KEEP IN MIND! Game Masters are also JUST HUMANS! They also have lives, and can't be online 24/7. So please have some patience when waiting for your recall.

In Game: NPC:Report

NPC:Report is a system where a short phrase is sent to whoever in the RevivalRO Staff is online.

How to use it

  • Send a Private Message to NPC:Report, like you would PM any other player (type NPC:Report on the small text box at the lowermost left part of your screen).
  • Type the name of the person you wish to report and a small description of what they are doing that's against the rules.
  • If no one responds to your report after 10 minutes, take screenshots for proof and sign up to Helpdesk.

'When to use it

This system is NOT for:

  • Bug Reports.
  • Hacking / Scamming Reports.
  • Questions about errors.
  • Begging for items.
  • Begging for disguises and sizes.
  • Online Dating.
  • Chit chatting with the GMs.

Abuse of this system can lead to a 24 hour ban.

How does it work?

  • The system will ping any online staff member. They will act on your report as soon as possible.

Off Game: Web Helpdesk

How to use it

  • If you're able to access your game account, log-in on the website ( using the same information.
  • If you don't remember the information of your game account, you can sign up by inputting an username under "Subscribe".
  • Click on Submit a Ticket button at the top of the website.
  • Choose a fitting category for your issue then click Next.
  • Input a title and the text of your ticket.
  • To follow up later or to view your ticket, click on My Tickets to find a list of your submitted tickets.

When to use it

  • Account issues. (Cannot login, Ban questions, Register Issues, Information Change Issues)
  • Donation Issues (Non-Received points, Issues in received points, suggestions and general questions about donating).
  • Character Issues (Any issues that blocks you from playing your character).
  • Missing Data Issues, Missing items and such.
  • Bugs & Issues, reporting any bugs or issues in-game.
  • Fraud & Players Abuse reports, any thing related to report other players behavior.
  • Any other topics the GMs asked you to sign up on the Web Support system instead.
  • Informing the Game Masters about your Guild Package plans.

This system is NOT for:

  • Chatting.
  • Complaints.
  • Begging for items, events, or anything of the sort.

How does it work?
Game Masters who have access to Web Helpdesk see all tickets in chronological (or priority) order, and will so tackle them in such order.
Once a GM has replied to you, you will receive an e-mail notification.

Note: it is NOT possible to reply to tickets via e-mail. To reply to a GM you MUST log back in Web Helpdesk.

If you don't reply in 3 days, the ticket will be closed for inactivity.
Somedays it might happen that the Web Helpdesk queue is particularly busy. In that case, you might experience a slight delay before getting an answer.

Off Game: Bug and Suggestions Tracker

How to use it

  • If you want to report bugs, sign up on GitLab first.
  • To browse the tracker, simply visit the [1] and "RequestAccess" .
  • Click "New Issue".
  • Choose a fitting template, input a title and fill out the template with as much information as possible.
  • If the issue is confidential, like exploits and/or things that can be abused if known by other players, check the "This issue is confidential" box. That way, only you, Game Masters and Admins will be able to see it.
  • Submit.

When to use it

  • Any in-game, client or website bug!
  • Suggestions/improvements to features!

This system is NOT for:

  • Account issues.
  • Donation issues.
  • Reporting rule breakers.
  • Basically anything that isn't a bug or suggestion.

How does it work?

  • Your issue will be added to the tracker, where GMs and Admins will be able to see it. If it's not a confidential issue, other players will be able to see it too.
  • A Game Master will then put labels on your report and test it. If the bug is valid, they will then label it as Confirmed and set a priority.
  • Admins will work on it as soon as possible, following priority order.
  • You can view the progress anytime by accessing the tracker again.

Off Game: Discord

Game Masters and Admins are available on Discord. You can find their accounts through Revival's Discord Server.

You may contact them for suggestions and urgent situations (scamming, hacking, etc).

While Game Masters are always happy to assist you and might occasionally enjoy chatting, please be mindful when privately contacting a staff member on Discord.
You might be contacting them during their free time, or they might be busy in real life or sleeping, eating, etc, so please keep in mind that it's possible you won't get an immediate reply or they might not be in the mood to chat. If you have game/account/any other issue please just use the correct channels to do so.

Avoid contacting Admins privately unless it's an urgent situation (server exploding, scamming, hacking, etc).

General question about the game, or asking opinions on something

If that's the case, you can refer to:

GMs or Admins won't answer such questions.


  • While this server welcomes international players from any region, we are still an English speaking server, and thus we can only guarantee official accommodations in English.

  • Spamming support will not make things go faster.
  • Using all caps will not change the outcome of your ticket for the better.
  • Swearing will not change the outcome of your ticket for the better.
  • Begging repeatedly after being told "no" or attempting to skirt support's decision by going to the helpdesk or forums to speak to other GMs will not help you get what you want. GMs communicate with each other, so attempting to talk to daddy because mommy said no will not go over well. It will not be kept a secret. It will be noted on your file. Stop doing it.
  • TL;DR: Act like a decent human being.

All of the above count as abuse of the system, and if you show that you continually abuse the system, especially after being warned, then support can refuse any and all tickets from you, regardless of the subject matter.