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What Support Is For

Support is the place for the following concerns:

  • Bans
  • Paypal chargebacks
  • Email address changes
  • Login ID recovery

This is the place where you can directly contact the lead GMs and administrators because they are the ones who can access everything and check if what you are claiming is in fact, true.

This is not the place to report people who are breaking the rules. We have NPC:Report for that, and the forums.

For more information on how to contact GMs for specific concerns, please read this.

Support DOES NOT reverse bans. Support will explain the reasons for your ban and any information relevant to your accounts status, however if you are requesting to be unbanned, it will not happen.


When submitting a ticket, please submit it from the email attached to the account and include:

Account Name
Server this is in reference to
Description of issue
Any pertinent information
Any potential evidence

To bypass our spam filters, your subject must include the word "Request". While we will be checking our spam folder regularly, it is extremely likely that response to your ticket will be delayed if it is sent to spam. Submit your tickets to: support at rebirthro dot com [email protected]

Common Misconceptions

Firstly. Do not leave your children/nieces/nephews/pets/illiterate family members who do not speak English and cannot react to changes on the screen to play your account for several hours while you are away. Especially not if they like to engage in a pattern or series of repetitive motions without responding or resting. Unfortunately, many players have made this mistake and have been banned for botting. Since we have no way to tell who is behind the computer, we must treat anything that acts like a bot as a bot. Please outsource your child labor to English-speaking subjects.

Secondly, there is an agreement that you agree to each time you log into the game. It basically says that you have read and understood the rules, that you agree to follow them, and that everything that happens on your account is your responsibility. If you have not read the rules before clicking on that agreement, then we advise you to do so. Since there is no way to log into the game without agreeing to that agreement, everyone who is in game must have agreed to the agreement. Regardless of whether or not your read the agreement at all, you still agreed to it. This means that we do not accept "I didn't read the rules" or "It's not fair i don't understand English" or "It was my cousin playing my account!" as excuses. Again, we cannot tell who it is behind the computer, so we have to ban the account regardless.

While this server welcomes international players from any region, we are still an English speaking server, and thus we can only guarantee official accommodations in English. This means that it is your responsibility to seek out any accommodations, such as online or living translators, if you do not fully comprehend any of the English text. If anyone reading this notice should know a person who does not speak English, we strongly encourage you to be a good Samaritan and translate this notice for them.

Thirdly, spamming support will not make things go faster. Using all caps will not change the outcome of your ticket for the better. Swearing will not change the outcome of your ticket for the better. Begging repeatedly after being told "no" or attempting to skirt support's decision by going to the helpdesk or forums to speak to GMs will not help you get what you want. All of the above count as abuse of the system, and if you show that you continually abuse the system, especially after being warned, then support can refuse any and all tickets from you, regardless of the subject matter. This will, obviously, not help your case. It should also be noted that the GMs communicate with each other, so attempting to talk to daddy because mommy said no will not go over well. It will not be kept a secret. It will be noted on your file. Stop doing it.

Finally, you are not entitled to have evidence of your ban shown to you. As unfortunate as it sounds, that is the way it works. We are a private company, this means we can enforce whichever regulations we desire. There are two main reasons we do not release evidence. The first being that that it allows for retaliation against reporters. Even if we block out the identifying details, there is still probably plenty of information left to figure out who reported it. We do not want to, under any circumstances, make our reporters feel that they are unsafe, nor do we want to encourage the horrible mentality of "kick the tattle-tale in the shins". Secondly, a large majority of our reports are personally investigated by trained staff, who personally see what happens with their very own eyes. This trained staff is quite small and already mired in work to do, and we have no desire to increase it by forcing them to document and organize each and every ban they do. Considering that the large majority of people who have demanded evidence of their wrong doing have, in fact, been very, very guilty, but just looking for a loophole out--we won't provide evidence.

All of this seems scary and totalitarian, yes? Unfortunately, because we are operating online, and not in real life, our range of possible punishments are mute, jail, and ban. We cannot fine you, or monitor you, or assign you to a parole officer. We try to give players whatever leeway we can and reserve permanent bans for only situations that involve major infractions of the rules (botting, scams, phishing attempts), or in situations where the players indicate that they have absolutely no desire to follow or read the rules in the first place (server advertising, repeated breaking of the rules). The easiest way to not get banned is to follow the rules and to avoid making stupid jokes. Statements like "Trading my sister for $300" or "Lol I use this one popular RO duping software allllll the time" might be intended as jokes or might be intended to make you look cool, but we have to interpret them as serious statements or threats. This is very similar to telling airport personnel that you have a bomb in your duffel bag, even jokingly. It is not worth it. Don't do it.

Now then, does this mean that you can never argue a ban? Not at all. The staff is comprised of very human humans. This means we can make mistakes, such as accidentally putting a 6000 minute mute on the letter "x" or jailing a player for 20 months instead of 20 minutes. We can also make mistakes when banning people, whether it's because we typoed, misunderstood a report, hit the wrong button on the control panel, or anything else. We do not like making these mistakes, and if they are brought up to us, we will rush to fix them (and compensate the affected, when necessary). Other situations, such as entire net cafés being banned or phished/compromised accounts being used to break the rules, can warrant a second look and re-evaluation. This means that if you can, for example, provide proof that you are a net café or your account history shows indications of being forcefully accessed, you will have a much higher chance to be unbanned.


  • Do not spam the email. This will not get your issue addressed any faster. Persons spamming the email will be warned. If they continue to do so, then all their support privileges will be revoked and they will be blocked. This means they won't get any help. We are tired of people acting like impatient children and submitting upwards of 10 of the same request within the span of 2 hours, each wondering why they haven't been replied to yet.
  • If you do not hear word within 3 days, then please do submit a follow up.
  • For an correspondences regarding one issues, always use the reply function rather than submitting a new email. This will make it faster for us to tell who you are and what your issue is.
  • Do not try to circumvent any replies. If you are given an answer you do not like, that answer will not change if you keep sending in the same ticket. This is considered abuse, and you can get your support privileges revoked for doing it.
  • You are not entitled to view any evidence in support of your ban. This is both because many bans are personally witnessed by a GM and to prevent retributive harassment.
  • You were NOT banned for no reason at all. Trust us, we had a reason. It may not be a reason you like, but it's still a reason. It could also be a mistaken reason, so do feel free to check the reason for the ban, but there is always a reason.

Read the rules and follow the rules. This will decrease your chances of getting banned. Avoid taking risks by making bad jokes or doing easily-misconstrued stuff, this will also decrease your chances of being banned. If you do get banned, and you feel like you have been banned wrongly, contact support in a polite and rational manner and explain your situation.