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This is a simple list of all the custom quests available on RevivalRO. There are many more quests available, but on this page, you will only see things that are custom to RevivalRO which means you will not find them on other servers.



Quest Name Servers Available Reward Repeatable?
Angeling Hat Quest All Angeling Hat Yes
Angeling Pin Quest All Angeling Pin Yes
Apple Headgear Quest All Apple Yes
Baby Chick Quest All Baby Chick Yes
Bird Nest Quest All Bird Nest Yes
Black Death Aura Quest Loki Black Death Aura Yes
Blank Eyes Quest All Blank Eyes Yes
Bunny Top Hat Quest All Bunny Top Hat Yes
Carrot Headgear Quest All Carrot Headgear Yes
Cyclop's Eye Quest All Cyclop's Eye Yes
Decorative Geographer Quest Eir/Loki Decorative Geographer Yes
Dress Hat Quest All Dress Hat Yes
Drooping Amistr Quest All Drooping Amistr Yes
Drooping Lif Quest Loki Drooping Lif Yes
Drooping Loli Quest All Drooping Loli Yes
Drooping Nine Tails Quest Eir/Loki Drooping Ninetail Yes
Emperor's Laurel Crown Quest All Emperor's Laurel Crown Yes
Enhancing Clip Quest Loki Enhancing Clip Yes
Executioner Hood Quest Loki Executioner Hood Yes
Fable Silk Quest All Fable Silk Yes
Golden Wings Quest All Golden Wings Yes
Gypsy Bell Quest All Gypsy Bells Yes
Hair Bow Quest All Hair Bow (White) Yes
Helmet of Orc Hero (2) Quest Loki Helmet of Orc Hero (2) Yes
Hip Ribbon Quest All Hip Ribbon (White) Yes
Hopping Filir Quest All Hopping Filir Yes
Hypatia's Robe Quest All Hypatia's Robe Yes
Ice Wing Quest All Ice Wing Yes
Jessica's Bell Headgear Quest All Jessica's Bell (Headgear) Yes
Kawaii Ribbon Quest All Kawaii Ribbon Yes
Lord Kaho's Horn Quest Eir/Loki Lord Kaho's Horn No
Magical Incense Quest Eir/Loki Magical Incense No
Odin's Mask Quest Eir/Loki Odin's Mask Yes
Paper Bag Hat Quest All Paper Bag Hat Yes
Phoenix Crown Quest All Phoenix Crown Yes
Pinwheel Quest All Vane Hairpin Yes
Ramen Hat Quest Eir/Loki Ramen Hat Yes
Recolour Beanie Quest All See Quest Yes
Recolour Coppola Hat Quest All See Quest Yes
Recolour Deviruchi Hat Quest Eir/Loki See Quest Yes
Recolour Drooping Cat Quest All See Quest Yes
Recolour Feather Beret Quest All See Quest Yes
Recolour Hair Bow Quest All See Quest Yes
Recolour Hip Ribbon Quest All See Quest Yes
Recolour Ice Wings Quest All See Quest Yes
Recolour Mage Hat Quest All See Quest Yes
Recolour Red Glasses Quest All See Quest Yes
Recolour Silver Fairy Wings Quest Loki See Quest Yes
Recolour Valentines Hat Quest All See Quest Yes
Rideword Hat Quest Loki Rideword Hat Yes
Santa Poring Cap Quest All Santa Poring Cap Yes
Ship Captain's Hat Quest All Ship Captain's Hat Yes
Strawberry Headgear Quest All Strawberry Headgear Yes
Sunglasses (1) Quest All Sunglasses (1) Yes
Tenishi Ring Quest All Tenishi Ring Yes
Vanilmirth Hat Quest Loki Vanilmirth Hat Yes
White Death Aura Quest Loki White Death Aura Yes
Wizard Hat Quest Eir/Loki Wizard Hat Yes


Quest Name Available Servers Repeatable?
Berzebub Card Quest All No1
Bullion Creation Quest All Yes
Empathy Skill Quest All No1
Notoriety Quests All No2
Pouring Blood Quest All No1
Pouring Hope Quest All No1
Pouring Oil Quest All No1
Pouring Rain Quest All No1
Reputation Quests All No1
Royal Operations Quest All Yes
Sex Change Quest Loki Yes

  1. These are available for completion once per character. If you wish to repeat the quest, you must use another character.
  2. You may only do these quests once per character. However, some sub-quests that are part of these may be repeatable a certain number of times.

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