Apple Headgear Quest

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An apple fell on top of his head while enjoying the calmness of the sea and the seagulls causing Isaac to get some strange ideas. Being a scientist, he is always on a hunt for adventurers who wants to partake on his experiments. Lucky for him, you are such an amazing adventurer who will take on ridiculous tasks. One only knows what experiment he has on mind.


  • Warp to Hugel and walk east to the Hugel Airport. Look for a man sitting underneath a tree named Isaac (Located at 168, 165).
  • Talk to him and agree to help him out. He requires you to gain weight. You have to gain at least equal or more than 700 Weight equipped to continue. This means a weapon could weigh 300, two accessories weigh 200 each, and with it all equipped, will equal 700 weight.
  • Once you have his weight requirements, talk to him again. He will ask you for some items:
  • After giving him the badges, he will ask you for some more items:
  • Return to Isaac and continue the conversation until he gives you the Apple.

Required Items


Complete this quest and you will receive an Apple.




  • This quest is not repeatable. You can only do it once per character.