Pouring Oil Quest

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Sanguine Sapling needs your help to defeat the evil Pumpkinring and restore peace!


  • Make sure you have done and finished Pouring Hope Quest successfully before starting this quest.
  • Warp to Comodo. Walk south, until you reach the Starving Sapling (Located at 205, 69). Speak to it and it will warp you to Itty Bitty Poring City.
  • Walk south towards the boat and speak to Sanguine Sapling (Located at 214, 38).
  • Head to the following points on the map and speak to each NPC. They will provide you some information and give you buffs to help you in your final fight.
300px ColorNPC NameLocationBuff Skill
BlackRobbering of the Order(160, 72) Cloaking
GreenHuntering of the Order (236, 105) Attention Concentrate
PinkPriestling of the Order (136, 239) Blessing
YellowKnightling of the Order (129, 247) Concentration
PurpleWizardling of the Order (57, 218) Sight
RedVendoring of the Order (168, 242) Maximize Power
  • After talking to the poring order NPCs, return to the Sanguine Sapling. He will tell you about the pumpkinring causing trouble and ask you to stop him.
  • You will receive 1 32737.gif Poring Helper to aid you in the fight.
  • Head just above the right eye on the mini-map and speak to Pompous Pumpkinring (Located at 144, 180). You will be warped to an instance where only you can fight. The fight is a 1 on 1 battle, with no donation items. You must defeat the Pumpkinring to finish. Use your Poring Helper to summon a Sapling to help you fight.
  • After defeating the Pumpkinring, walk to the mouth-part of the mini-map and speak to the Kingling (120, 97). Tell him you defeated the Pumpkinring and he will ask you a few questions. Here are the following questions:
    • Where did you find that map of this place? -- Off one of the Underlings.
    • Where was it you heard of the Earling's activities? -- A girl in Prontera.
    • Where did you find the entrance to the Earling's hideout? -- Underneath a tree.
    • Who told you about the meeting with the Dukering, Angeling and Archangeling? -- Gossipy Ghostring
    • Where did you find the entrance to the Earling's hideout? -- Underneath a tree.
  • He will thank you and allow you to stay on the island. He will now give you one of the Rucksacks as a reward.

Required Items




From Left to Right: Angeling Rucksack, Deviling Rucksack, Archangeling Rucksack


  • If you answer any of the questions wrong, he will send you back to your save point. You must come back and speak to the Kingling again.
  • You can now speak to the Exchangering after finishing the quest to exchange a hat from Pouring Blood or rucksack from this quest for a different one. He charges 2,000,000 Zeny for Hats and 1,000,000 Zeny for Rucksacks.

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