Kiel Hyre Quest

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Base Level: 70
Party: Recommended
Item(s) (Consumed): 7 Milk, 5 Cacao, 2 Cheese, 10 Raw Fish, 4 Solid Iron Piece
Items: 1 Taming Gift Set, 1 Old Card Album, 5 Well-Baked Cookies, 20 Raw Fish, 30 Sushi, Luxurious Keycard, 1,000 Zeny
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
Eir: 8,500,000

Loki: 170,000,000
Tyr: 170,000,000

Quest Reward(s): Access to the Kiel Hyre Dungeon

1. Go to Yuno and enter the Yuno Bar (Located at 51, 105) around the lower-left corner of the town. Upon entering, the Pub Master will speak to you and ask him "You look worried, what's up?". He mentions a deliver he was suppose to make to Ms. Lecollane. Agree to help him out and he will give you some cooking wine.

2. Go to Yuno Field 08 and enter Kiel Hyre Academy (Located at 159, 189). Talk to one of the guards at the main gate and tell tell him that you are making a delivery to someone within the academy, and he will demand to know who you have business with. Tell him that you are looking for Lecollane and you are delivering Culinary Wine.

3. Once inside, go downstairs and speak to Lecollane. Tell her you are there to make a delivery. At this point you will overhear one student, Elly. Speak to the Cute Student, Elly and ask her "What happened?". She will tell you what happened and you ask her "What can I do to help you?".

Then, she will ask you to bring her the following items for baking her cookies:

1 Culinary Wine
7 Milk
5 Cacao
2 Cheese
1 Egg
1 Flour 

4. Go back to the Yuno Bar and tell the Pub Owner "I need more wine...!". He will give you another wine and 1,000 Zeny for making the delivery.

5. Head outside and speak to the Little Kid, Cezu (Located at 217, 113). Tell her "I'm here for Elly". She will tell you that she ran out of ingredients too and asks you to head to Lighthalzen Windmill to get a package.

6. Go to Lighthalzen and head over to the slums area. Look for the Windmill Owner, Mills (Located at 365 300). Tell him "I'm here for Cezu" and he will give you a package.

7. Return to Cezu and deliver the package. She will prepare another box with the Flour and Eggs that you need to collect for Elly.

8. Go back to Elly and bring her all the required items. She will thank your for your effort and reward you with cookies. Talk to her again, because she feels she can trust you, she wants you to deliver the cookies to Mr. Kiel Hyre at his cottage.

10. Go to Yuno Field 02 and make your way to Kiel Hyre's Cottage (Located at 92, 207). Talk to the Cottage Keeper on watch and tell him "I have an appointment with Kiel Hyre". He will then tell you that he is not in the cottage.

11. Return to Elly with this news. She will be worried and hand you a key to the cottage.

12. Head back to the cottage and use the key on the door to the left (Located at 75, 218). Unlock the door and you will be sent to the Storage Room. Inside, move to the boxes around the bottom-right of the room (Located at 179, 12) and you will receive a letter.

13. Go back to Elly and deliver the letter to her. Speak to her again and she will discover something is not right. Ask her "What's with this academy?" and she will tell you all she knows. Continue asking her about "Strange incidents?" and she will provide you with more information. Keep on talking to her until she tells you to go back to the cottage and investigate.

14. Go back to Kiel Hyre's Cottage, and enter through the Storage Room. This time, investigate the bookshelf at the left side. Check several times until you find a switch. Once you found the switch, activate it and a secret passage (Located at 191, 14) should appear.

15. Head quickly to the secret passage and you shall find yourself in the kitchen and behind you are some crates. Click on the Box and purchase a Pet Food for 1,100 Zeny.

  • Note: Bringing your own Pet Food instead of buying it here will also work.

16. Head outside the kitchen and along the wall, you will find a World Map. "Examine" the map but unfortunately, you cannot see what's beneath it since it's glued to the wall. Go back to the kitchen, and investigate the Pot and then "Try it". Return to the map and investigate again to reveal a poem written in a hidden paper.

17. Enter the south-west room from the map and investigate the Calabash on top of the hearth along the southern wall of the room. Look inside it and you will find a key,

18. In the same room, you will find a small indoor garden. Investigate the Pool and then Pull Handles. Pull the Left Handle and the water will drain. Investigate the pool to find a button. Press the button and you will hear a sound across the hallway. You should be able to head upstairs now from this point.

19. Leave the room and head to the east room of the hallway. Head upstairs and you will be stopped by a dog guarding the path. You'll want to "March Forward" without alerting the Cottage Keeper outside. "Give Pet Food" to the dog and it will turn its attention away from you.

20. Enter the Office, the second room, and search through the documents located on the desk. You will obtain a blank piece of paper with the Kiel Hyre Foundation seal on it. Investigate the Box in the bottom-left corner of the room and "Use Old Copper Key". You will receive a keycard.

21. Head over to the Library, the third room, and investigate the bookshelf (Located at 181, 137). You'll find a book entitled "To Elly" and you will need to "Examine Book". Examine the steel surface and you will be revealed with two keyholes. "Try all your keys" and insert the "Cottage Key" first and then the "Green Keycard". Once successful, you will obtain a sturdy box.

22. Head over to the Bedroom, the first room, and look beside the bed to find a drawer. Choose to "Open Drawer" and you will obtain a keycard.

In the same room, you'll find a Medicine Chest with medicines of various colors on it. You will speculate that the blank document that you have may be lined with some secret writing. Choose to try it and choose to "Try Blue Liquid". A long poem of the Little lost devil will be revealed.

23. Head back downstairs and look for the Sword Hilt just beside the stairs. Investigate it and you will be prompted to use the swords as levers and pull them in a correct order. Each of the four swords is unique. Pull them in the correct order matching from the two poems you have read earlier. If you're successful, a door will open to a secret chamber.

The decoration will ask you which snake to plant the first, second, etc. swords into. A summary of the solution is:

1st Sword into 2nd Snake: Sword of Love slays Snake of Magic
2nd Sword into 4th Snake: Sword of Despair slays Formless Snake
3rd Sword into 1st Snake: Sword of Rage slays Snake of Steel
4th Sword into 3rd Snake: Sword of Hope slays Snake of Flesh

24. Once inside the secret room, investigate the test tubes. "Press Button" on the right test tube and it will ask you for a name. You will need to write down little lost devil and you will be revealed the code: 4772961.

25. Return to Elly but she won't be at the school anymore so instead, head behind the school to the Dormitory (Located at 76, 180). To enter her room, investigate her Window and you must "Climb Water Pipe". Keep on trying until you are successful.

26. Inside the room, talk to Elly but you will find that she is unresponsive. Check the Cookie Basket on the table and you will find a written note for you and you will have to "Read Note". Talk to Elly again and try to wake her up by yelling at her and when prompted, yell Wake up, Elly!. She will still be unresponsive but she will drop some items.

Talk to Elly again and you will discover that her golden key will fit inside the steel box. You will obtain a keycard along with a note from her grandpa.

27. Leave Elly's room through the window and investigate the bottom-right Grave. Insert the Yellow Keycard and then enter the code you have received earlier: 4772961

28. Inside the dungeon, make your way to the far-east side and investigate the Heavy Door (Located at 234, 49). Open the door and when prompted, insert the Blue Keycard. Inside, you will find several women. Talk to the middle one, and she will introduce herself as Allysia. You will need to identify yourself as one of Elly's friend. Show her the "Golden Key" and she will immediately recognize you as one of her friends.

29. You will be moved to a separate room. Talk to Allysia and ask her "What happened to Kiel Hyre?". She will give you a keycard and asks you to find Kiel Hyre. Talk to her again and you will be warped back at the entrance of the dungeon.

30. Head over to the top-right corner of the dungeon and use the Red Keycard on the Mechanical Device (Located at 166, 223) to access the restricted area. Walk along the final door (Located at 223, 232) and you will hear a faint voice from the other side. He will talk to you briefly and will give you a metal piece for Alyssia.

Take the metal fragment to Allysia. She will then ask you to visit her master in Lighthalzen. Talk to her again and she will warp you back to the Dormitory.

31. Go to Lighthalzen and enter Kiel Hyre's Mansion (Located at 188, 201) and talk to the Steward (Located at 79, 83) inside. "Present Golden Key" and he will tell you that his master has been expecting you. Talk to Kiel Hyre and ask him about everything you want to know and talk to him again to receive some rewards for saving his life. He will give you:

Taming Gift Set
  • 70,000,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 3,500,000 (Eir) Base Experience

You can also talk to Allysia about the generations of the mechanical robots. After you're finished talking to them, walk outside the house and you will fall unconscious after being hit in the head.

  • Note: You will lose all your health.

32. When you awaken from your unconsciousness, talk to the Mysterious Woman inside the tiny room. She will tell you that she is a secret agent of the Schwaltzvalt Republic and she is investigating the abnormal activities between Kiel Hyre and Rekenber. Whichever path you chose, you will end up telling her everything you know and she will reveal her real identity as Mitchell Layla. You are now working for the Schwaltzvalt Republic.

33. Keep talking to her and she will inform you about an old woman in Yuno who knew the real Allysia from thirty years ago. Talk to her again and she will warp you in Yuno, in front of the Airport.

34. In Yuno, find the Odd Grandma and Old Lady around the south-east area (Located at 253, 136). Talk to the Odd Grandma first and ask her what she is doing. You will notice that she is singing to an imaginary baby. Talk to the Old Lady and ask her about the odd grandma and then about James Rosimier. She will tell you everything she knows and ask her for the master keys of the mansion. She will hand you the keys to Rosimier's mansion.

35. Head to the Rosimier Mansion (Located at 270, 139) and go upstairs. Head south and then enter the left room. Enter the top-left room out of the six rooms and investigate the second drawer of the desk.

In the same room, check the bookshelf and you will find a note.

36. Head back downstairs and enter the second room from the stairs. Check the Shelf and use the Master Key to open the first box. You will receive a portrait of a lady.

In the same room, enter the room to the left and check the Table. You will receive a portrait of a family.

37. Return to the Old Lady outside the mansion and ask her about what happened to Allysia. She will tell you to search for a fisherman south of the Kiel Hyre Academy.

38. Go to Yuno Field 12, one map south of the Academy, and find the Old Fisherman (Located at 231, 222) at the southern tip of the map. Talk to him and he will ask you to get him:

10 Raw Fish

To get the Raw Fish, go to Amatsu and enter the Sushi Shop (Located at 212, 116) to the Sushi Master. Ask him "Do you need assistance?" and depending on what items he asks you to gather, bring him the items he requires and he will thank you for helping him out. He will reward you with:

30 Sushi

You can now buy fish slices for 350 Zeny for 10 pieces or 37 Zeny each.

39. Once you have the Raw Fish, return to the Old Fisherman and he will tell you to visit Kiel Hyre's old hut. Go to Yuno Field 09 and click on the Wooden Board (Located at 155, 217) around the bushes outside the hut.

40. Return to Kiel Hyre's Mansion in Lighthalzen and talk to the Steward. Tell him that you are looking for Mitchell and you will be sent to her room. Mitchell Layla, the Mysterious Woman will talk to you briefly about your discoveries so far and sends you back to talk to Kiel Hyre.

41. Talk to Kiel Hyre and he will tell you the whole story about Allysia and the past. He then asks you to help stop his son and directs you to where he is hiding. Once you are finished talking to him, he will give you a power device to stop his son from destroying more robots.

  • Notice: If you need to bring party members to aid you on this part of the quest and onwards, all the party members must have done the quest until Step 31 (Show Golden Key to Steward).

42. Once inside Kiehl's Room, click on the Receiver next to the bed. Kiehl will talk to you through the receiver and he will summon Alicel and Aliot. Once you have killed both of them, a keycard will drop from the receiver.

  • Notice: Only one person should activate the Receiver at any time. Black Keys are non-transferable.

43. Keep on examining the receiver and the monsters will spawn. Everytime you kill the monsters, it will drop a Black Keycard. Once you have four of these, click the Flower Vase on the corner of the room. Turn the vase upside down and you will be revealed a poem. Investigate the Box at the bottom of the room and when prompted, enter open the door as the password.

44. Head to the Big Door and insert the Black Keycard. Make your way to the next room while encountering a small number of monsters. In the room, open the Big Door using the Toy Key. Head to the next room and use the Black Keycard to enter through the Big Door. Continue doing this until you get to the final door.

45. Once in the final room, examine the Big Door and Push the door. Monsters will spawn and you will need to kill them all. Keep on pushing the door until you managed to create a little gap for you to insert a sturdy object to pry it open. Everytime you try to push the door, monsters will spawn and needs to be killed.

Insert a Solid Iron Piece through the door and it will start to open. Keep on inserting solid iron pieces until you managed to fully open the door. Once the door is fully opened, a portal to the next room will appear. Anyone who is on the party needs to enter the room before you do or else, they will not be able to participate onwards.

46. Once inside, you will need to kill all the monsters. Head to the middle of the room and talk to Kiehl. He will then summon more monsters before you can talk to him again. While you are talking to him, Mitchell Layla and the other guards of Schwaltzvalt Republic will appear. He will then attack you and you must defeat Kiehl to continue.

  • Notice: If your whole party, or yourself has been wiped out at this point, you will need to start again from the first room and obtain the necessary Black Keycard in order to continue. The monsters will not respawn and you do not need to hunt for the Solid Iron Pieces.

47. Continue your conversation with them and a spy among the guards will be revealed. He would be Wolkeus and they will take Mitchell Layla away. Kiehl will continue talking to you. He has now transferred into another robotic body and he will disappear. The room will detonate in 3 minutes. Before you leave, examine the broken robotic body of the old Kiehl that was left behind and you will discover a ring.

  • Notice: This area has a time limit. After roughly 10 minutes you will be warped out. If you leave and return the quest will continue from roughly the same point for the person who opened the door.

48. Bring the ring to Kiel Hyre. He will recommend you look for Kiehl in the second level of the factory dungeon and rewards you for finally stopping his son. You will receive:

Old Card Album
Luxurious Keycard
  • 100,000,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 5,000,000 (Eir) Base Experience

The quest is finished at this point and you can now gain access to Kiel Hyre Dungeon F2 where you can fight Kiel-D-01.

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