Juperos Quest

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Item(s) (Consumed): One of each color Crest Piece
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Access to Juperos Level 3

1. Head to Juperos Ruins F1 and head to the top of a tower (Located at 98, 93). You will be warped to the level two of the dungeon.

2. At Juperos Ruins F2, you must destroy all the 3 Gate Switches located on the islands around the map.

  • First Gate Switch (26, 274)
  • Second Gate Switch (239, 27)
  • Third Gate Switch (282, 182)

Each time you destroy a switch, an announcement from Vesper will be made, inviting warriors to come and meet him. The switches will not respawn until all 3 are destroyed, and the spawn is not instant.

3. Once you have destroyed all 3 switches, you must dash to the center of the map to be teleported to Juperos' Restricted Zone.

  • Note: You will need all 4 of the Crest Pieces to continue from this point.

4. Once inside, you can either choose the west room or the east room. Regardless of what you choose, you will face the same amount of monsters. In the next room, insert a Crest Piece and a portal will be open. You will need:

5. In the next room, you will encounter 3 Dimik and Venatu. After killing them, or waiting long enough, you will be permitted to access the next zone. Place another Crest Piece on the pedestal. You will be attacked by Security Guards and High Guards so be careful.

6. Continue along and follow the same procedure from above until you reach a place with a Lever upon which waves of robots will spawn and attack. You need to clear the room in order to be able to successfully pull the lever.

7. Once you've pulled the lever, enter the portal inside the room and you will be at the Juperos Elevator. At the end of the room, there will be a Switch. Place all the crest and you will be able to turn on the switch. Monsters will spawn and you will need to clear them before continuing.

8. You will be warped to another room and a series of announcements from Vesper will be made. A series of growing monster spawns will also occur in here and you must defeat three waves of it before a portal to the next room will appear.

9. Once you have defeated all the monster waves, you can now go to the Center of Juperos where Vesper awaits you.

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