Nameless Island Entrance Quest

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Base Level: 80
Zeny: 3,000 Zeny
Quest Prerequisite(s): Rachel Sanctuary Quest, Curse of Gaebolg, Veins Siblings Quest
Items: 4 Assorted Seafood
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
Eir: 7,500,000

Loki: 150,000,000
Tyr: 150,000,000

Quest Reward(s): Access to Nameless Island and Cursed Abbey Monastery

1. Travel to either Izlude, Yuno or Rachel and board the International Airship for 1,200 zeny. Head downstairs and talk to the Agent. He tells you to go visit Father Bamph in the Prontera Sanctuary.

2. Meet with Father Bamph in Prontera. He tells you to meet with a contact in the Comodo Casino by the name of Larjes concerning a missing Midgard official.

3. Go to Comodo and head to the Comodo Casino (Located at 140, 115). On the first floor, you'll see an "Ordinary Man" (Located at 174, 89). After talking to him he will pull you aside to talk. Talk to him once more, and he'll ask you to return to Father Bamph.

4. Return to Father Bamph. Keep talking to him until he makes up his mind about what to do. He ask for your help, and send you to Rachel to investigate.

5. Go to Rachel and enter the Rachel Inn (Located at 115, 147), talk to the Waiter (Located at 308, 59) and tell him you wish to order. You will overhear a conversation concerning a famous "fish" caught near Veins. After the conversation you will spend 3,000 Zeny and obtain:

6. Proceed to Veins and in a building on the left end of the city (Located at 86, 170), talk to the Magistrate by the name of Al Hamad. Ask him if he's in trouble. When he gives you the brushoff, talk to the Soldier by the door, and then come back and question Al Hamad further. He will tell you that you need a written order from a high ranking official in order to divulge information.

7. Go to High Priest Zhed in the Rachel Sanctuary. Ask him about the Veins Accident and he will tell you that he hasn't heard of anything about that matter.

8. Go outside to the Rachel Temple and to talk to High Priest Niren (Located at 165, 57), and Ask about Veins Smugglers. She will send you back to the Magistrate.

9. Return to the Magistrate. He will provide you with some more information regarding the smugglers.

10. Go to Veins and enter the Veins Tavern (Located at 149, 217) and speak to the first Drunkard. He babbles about his fishing boat.

11. Head outside and talk to his son, Karyn (Located at 327, 185), who you helped during the Veins Siblings Quest. He'll let you use his father's boat to access the monastery.

12. Head to Veins Field 07 directly south of town and you'll find a boat (Located at 128, 131) When you investigate it, you'll be greeted by Larjes. Talk to him or use the boat to go to the Nameless Island.

  • Note: You will be warped to Nameless Island (Day) map. There will be no monsters in this map.

13. You'll need to investigate the island. There are triggers just west of the docks and inside a house near the top center, but these are not required. To continue, click on the Dead Crow (Located at 125, 205) and investigate it.

14. Once you wake up, you'll find yourself inside a house with Larjes. When you attempt to leave the house, you'll be attacked by a Zombie Slaughter. The monster must be killed before you can leave the house. There is no death penalty if you die at this encounter. After you leave the house, you will be able to freely enter and leave Nameless Island (Night) map.

  • Note: Once you leave the house, you will be on the Nameless Island (Night) map, where there are numerous aggressive monsters. You will lose experience if you die here.
  • Note2: If you die inside the house while trying to kill the Zombie Slaughter, you will respawn. If this happens, just go back to Nameless Island and enter the first house on the north path. Be cautious because when you enter the Zombie Slaughter will attack you without warning this time.

15. Following up with your investigation, you will have to make your way to Cursed Abbey Dungeon F2 and investigate the Books on a desk in Hibram's quarters (Located at 223, 68).

16. Continue along to Cursed Abbey Dungeon F3. In the top right most corner of the map in a prison cell, you will find a Man collapsed on the ground (Located at 232, 231). When you investigate the body, you will be attacked by the Tristan III/Dead King. This battle is fairly easy, if you can kill the regular monsters in the monestary you should be able to kill him. After killing him, examine his body again.

17. Return to Larjes at the docks on Nameless Island, and give him the Saviors Pendant. He will reward you with:

  • 100,000,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 5,000,000 Base Experience (Eir)

18. Visit Father Bamph in Prontera again, and report your findings to him.

19. Return to High Priest Niren. Turn in the Research Book to her and she will reward you with:

  • 50,000,000 (Loki/Tyr) or 2,500,000 Base Experience (Eir)

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