Thanatos Tower Quest

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Base Level: None
Party: 5+ Players
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Fragment of Misery, 1 Fragment of Agony, 1 Fragment of Hatred, 1 Fragment of Despair
Item(s) (Not Consumed): Equippable Level 4 Weapon
Quest Prerequisite(s): Transcendent Class or 95+ Expanded Class characters
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Ability to Summon Thanatos

  • Notice: In order to access Levels 6 and higher, players must be either of Transcendent Class or Expanded Class above Level 95.

1. Go to Thanatos Tower F1 and talk to the Guide, Ditze (Located at 149, 78). Apply for Temporary Work and she will hand you an Employment Contract. Sign the contract and she will tell you about the tower and the rewards you can get from the Guide, Liei.

2. Head to Thanatos Tower F2 and talk to the Entrance Guide, Burled (Located at 231, 161). To gain access to the third floor, he will request 5 temporary workers near him for him to open the door.

3. On Thanatos Tower F3, examine the Machine Device (Located at 66, 67) and Smash the Energy Field. You will need to equip a Level 4 Weapon to be able to open the device. Once you have opened it, Investigate and then read the screen. Further investigate the machine and you will receive a key.

4. On Thanatos Tower F4, examine another Machine Device (Located at 199, 195). To crack the password, you will need to solve a puzzle. The machine will ask you to input 3 numbers between 1 to 9 without repetition. Each time you take a guess, it will inform you how many of the numbers you inputted were in the correct and proper location and how many were correct but not in the right location. You will have 5 rounds to guess the correct code before it will reset into a new one. When you cracked the code, investigate the monitor storage and you will receive another key.

5. On Thanatos Tower F5, examine another Machine Device (Located at 62, 179). Insert the Red Key, followed by the Yellow Key to both sides of the mechanisms wings. You will obtain another Key.

6. On Thanatos Tower F6, examine the Brilliant Statue (Located at 225, 230). Investigate the wheels and you will need to align them properly. You need to adjust the wheels in order for them to be correctly configured.

  • 1st Small Wheel - Raise Wheel
  • 2nd Small Wheel - Lower Wheel
  • 1st Big Wheel - Vertically Shift Wheel
  • 2nd Big Wheel - Raise Wheel
  • 3rd Big Wheel - Raise Wheel

After you have configured all the wheels, it will immobilize in a firm click.

7. Head to Thanatos Tower F6 and you will find the Splendid Sword (Located at 202, 180). Observe the Splendid Sword and Grasp the handle towards the hilt of the sword then Insert the sword into the hole, and you will obtain the last key.

8. Once you've obtained all 5 colored keys enter the portal to the next floor and the Black Key will transform itself into the Black Charm Stone.

9. Head to Thanatos Tower F8 and find the four sets of Shining Crystals. Talk to them, and one of your keys will transform into the corresponding charm stone.

(Located at 48, 59).
(Located at 48, 147).
(Located at 90, 147)
(Located at 90, 59)

10. You should have 5 colored Charm Stones. Head up to Thanatos Tower F12.

11. On the 12th floor, start by placing the Yellow Charm Stone into the Gold Religious Statue (Located at 161, 58) in the northeast direction.

12. Place the Green Charm Stone into the Green Wiseman Statue (Located at 154, 20) in the southeast direction.

13. Place the Blue Charm Stone into the Blue Angel Statue (Located at 104, 18) in the southwest direction.

14. Place the Red Charm Stone into the Bloody Knight Statue (Located at 96, 58) in the northwest direction.

15. Finally, place the Black Charm Stone into the Dark Devil Statue (Located at 128, 86) in the north direction.

16. Once you have inserted all of the charm stones into the appropriate statues, a portal in the middle of the room will appear. Enter the portal and you will be warped to the Top of the Thanatos Tower. Before continuing, you will need the following items:

Fragment of Agony
Fragment of Despair
Fragment of Hatred
Fragment of Sorrow

17. Head to the first platform on the north-east and walk over to the Crest (Located at 217, 167). Insert Fragment of Misery and Thanatos Maero will appear. Defeat it and head to the second platform on the south-east. Walk over to the Crest (Located at 202, 274) and insert the Fragment of Abony. Thanatos Dolors will appear and you will need to kill it in order to continue.

18. Head to the third platform on the south-west and walk over to the Crest (Located at 80, 76). Insert Fragment of Hatred and Thanatos Odium will appear. Defeat it and head to the last platform on the north-west. Walk over to the Crest (Located at 62, 171) and insert the Fragment of Despair. Thanatos Desperos will appear and you will need to kill it in order to continue.

19. Once you have activated all the four platforms, you will be teleported to the north platform and Thanatos will be summoned.

Item Trades

Go to Thanatos Tower F1 and talk to the Guide, Liei and she will give you information of the rewards. You will need to show her a proof of your exploration by either turning in:

Red Feather
Blue Feather
Cursed Seal
Golden Ornament

For every item you turn in to her, she will reward you with:

  • 1,000 Zeny
  • 2,000 Base Experience

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