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Each class has its own speciality concerning weapons and some weapons are more versatile, usable by multiple classes. There are 15 types of weapons:


There is also "Ammunition" which is used in conjunction with the main weapons. In the equipment window, it will show up in the centre of your character's sprite. Usually these items are consumed when you execute an attack.

Weapon Level

There are 4 levels of weapon, which directly affect how that weapon is upgraded and the effect upgrading has on that weapon.

Weapon Level Upgrade Catalyst Catalyst Cost Upgrade Cost Bonus ATK per Upgrade Safety Level
Level 1 Phracon 200 Zeny from NPC Shop 50 Zeny +2 (Eir/Thor), +7 (Loki) +7
Level 2 Emveretarcon 1,000 Zeny from NPC Shop 200 Zeny +3 (Eir/Thor), +15 (Loki) +6
Level 3 Oridecon Monster Drop 5,000 Zeny +5 (Eir/Thor), +25 (Loki) +5
Level 4 Oridecon Monster Drop 20,000 Zeny +7 (Eir/Thor), +35 (Loki) +4