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Bullets are similar to arrows in that they're not an actual weapon, but can be equipped and are necessary to attack with any Gun weapons. Unlike arrows, there is only a small variety of bullets, and they come in two types: Bullets and Spheres.


The basic bullets are usable with any gun with the exception of Grenade Launchers and can be purchased or exchanged from NPCs in the Gunslinger guild located in Einbroch (einbroch 136, 199). 500 Bullets can be stored in a Bullet Case similar to an Arrow Quiver.

  • Note : You must be on a Gunslinger for the NPC to make Bullet Cases for you.
  • Second Note : You can give bullets some Elements with the NPC:Elemental Bullet Trader.
  • Bullets, along with Elemental bullet cases can be purchased from the NPC in the Eden Mall.

Name ATK Weight Price Category:Element Effect
Bullet 10 0.2 1 Neutral -
Silver Bullet 15 0.2 15 Holy -
Bloody Shell 30 0.2 30 Neutral Bleeding by chance


Spheres are a special type of bullet that may only be fired with Grenade Launchers. They must be crafted by an NPC at the Gunslinger guild, rather then bought, and come in five different elements. Spheres may also be put into Bullet Cases.

  • Spheres can be purchased from the NPC at the Eden Mall.

Name ATK Weight Category:Element Effects Items Required
Flare Sphere 50 0.5 Fire - 1 Phracon + 1 Emveretarcon + 2 Burning Hearts = 30 Flare Spheres
Lightning Sphere 50 0.5 Wind - 1 Phracon + 1 Emveretarcon + 3 Cyfar = 30 Lightning Spheres
Freezing Sphere 50 0.5 Water - 1 Phracon + 1 Emveretarcon + 2 Brigan = 30 Freezing Spheres
Poison Sphere 50 0.5 Poison Poison by chance 1 Phracon + 1 Emveretarcon + 10 Venom Canine = 30 Poison Spheres
Blind Sphere 50 0.5 Shadow Blind by chance 1 Phracon + 1 Emveretarcon + 5 Squid Ink = 30 Blind Spheres

Custom Bullets