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Guns are the only weapons used by the Gunslinger class. Guns use Bullets as the ammunition. Guns are always two-handed, so you cannot wear a shield if you are using a gun.
Damage modifier:

Size Damage
Small 100%
Medium 100%
Large 100%

Regular Guns

Custom Guns


Also called "Revolver". Normally the defacto weapon for Gunslingers, the pistol allows for faster attack speed at a cost of lower Hit and Attack.


Rifles are stronger than pistols and can come with a Hit and Crit bonuses. However, they are slower and are limited in the skills they can work with.


Shotguns are powerful, pump action weapons that provide splash damage on normal attacks, but at the cost of a very slow attack speed.

Gatling Gun

These electro-mechanical weapons are nearly the same in comparison to pistols. A combination of the Gatling Fever skill and AGI can achieve higher attack speed and attack power.

Grenade Launcher

These monsters pack some of the highest base attack in the game and require use of special Elemental bullets called "[[|Bullet|Spheres]]". They are even slower than shotguns, but have a chance to break armor at close range.



  • Attacks and skills being used with these weapons will now ignore 25% of a monster's Flee