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Rods are equippable by Acolyte, Mage, Super Novice, Soul Linker and Doram/Summoner classes. Rods usually have very low ATK but give a bonus to MATK. All rods are also naturally unbreakable except in upgrade attempts. Rods can also be known as "Staffs", "Staves" or "Wands".
Further, they can be categorized into One-Handed and Two-Handed, with the Two-Handed variant usually being more powerful but with the downside of taking up both hand slots.
Damage modifier:

Size Damage
Small 100%
Medium 100%
Large 100%

Regular Rods

Custom Rods

One-Handed Rods

Doram One-Handed Rods

Note: Some of those Rods are not custom on RRO, but listed for completion purpose anyways.

Two-Handed Rods