Curse of the Pharaoh King

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Saul is fascinated with Sallust, the great historian of Glastheim. One fascination in particular is about the long lost kingdom of the Pharaoh surrounding the Faroe Islands that the would-be first Lord King of Glastheim destroyed. He is restricted in doing research within the walls of the capital city so he needs your help to finish Sallust’s work.


First Half


1. Go to Glastheim (P) Graveyard (Located glast_01p 200 174). Screenshot
2. Inside, head into the left most portal (Located gl_in02p 43 109).
3. Once inside, Speak to Saul. Screenshot 4. He will tell you that he is Saul and that the statue is that of Sallust, the great historian. You will be then given options, choose the second one (tell me more about him). He will then go on and tell you that Sallust has many unfinished works, one of which tells about the lost kingdom of the Pharaoh. This kingdom ended when the first Lord King of Glastheim laid siege on it, and its seat of power, the pyramid, destroyed and was sunk. Saul wants to finish what Sallust has started writing but he can’t access the pyramid. You will then be prompted with another choice window. Choose the obvious answer. Saul will then send you to Heloise, apparently his sister, who is inside the Glastheim library. Screenshot

5. Once inside the library, speak to Heloise. There will be a new third option in the window (Your brother?); choose that. She will then talk to you about her brother and her dismay about their current ruler, eventually she will tell to look for a book in the library.

6. Go to the bookshelves above Heloise and read the book. (Located gl_in01 190, 158). Screenshot After reading it, return to Saul.

7. Once you return to Saul, speak to him. He will tell you that you found something interesting and that if ever you enter the pyramid, don’t forget to tell him what you find.

NOTE: DO NOT BRING THE FALCO INSIGNIA WITH YOU ON THE FIRST PART. If you have a Falco Insignia already in your inventory early in this part of the quest, instead of Saul telling you to go to the pyramids, He will assume that you already went to the 2nd floor of the pyramids and will give you the option to either give of retain the insignia. At this point you already failed the quest and will receive zeny only whether or not you give the falco insignia or not

Second Half

8. Enter Nightmare Pyramid Lvl 1 and talk to Bandit (location 94, 95). Screenshot

  • There will be a new selection that is connected to Saul. Choose that. The Bandit will tell you, he and his friend are the manifestation of the slaves that were buried with the Pharaoh, and they remain in the pyramid because of the Pharaoh’s curse. But after you helped them, the curse weakened and they finally can escape the pyramid. But Both Bandit and his friend chose to stay behind to guide and help adventurers like you. After the conversation talk to him again and go to Lvl 2.

9. Once in Nightmare Pyramids Lvl 2, find the skeleton warrior statue (Located 179, 93 ). Screenshot After talking to it, move forward until you reach the main room of the pharaoh’s burial chamber.

11. Walk towards the small pathway directly in front of you until you see a pharaoh statue (location 102 121). Screenshot You will need to sketch it for Saul so you need a piece of paper (Slick Paper).

12. After ‘sketching’ the statue, go all the way to the top of the map. Move pass a file of Skeleton warriors (you won't miss it) until you see the NPC named Entry (location 102 179). Screenshot

  • Warning: Make sure you have more than 5,000 free weight in hand because what you will carry is heavy; 5,000 weight exactly. (Thanks to Luxuri). It’s a sarcophagus.
  • Warning 2: Dying with the Sarcophagus in inventory will cause you to lose it. Forcing you to return to NPC Entry for another Sarcophagus.

After getting this, return to Saul.

13. Once you are with Saul again, talk to him. Options will be prompted so just choose the obvious (telling Saul what you saw inside the pyramid). Make sure that the Falco Insignia is in your inventory to get the quest reward items. After giving everything that you found to Saul, Saul will reward you depending on how far you’ve gone with the quest. There are a couple scenarios possible:-

  • You return with an incomplete search of nightmare pyramid lvl 2 + falco insignia = nothing
  • You return with an incomplete search of nightmare pyramid lvl 2 without falco insignia = nothing
  • You return with a complete search of nightmare pyramid lvl 2 + falco insignia = Garnet Crown and Garnet Ring
  • You return with a complete search of nightmare pyramid lvl 2 without falco insignia = zeny.
NOTE : There is only just 1 chance to do the quest by Character.

Required Items

1 Slick Paper




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