Baby Set Quest

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Naughty babies in the Toy Testing Center have been breaking other babies' toys. It is your goal to find one such toy and deliver it to Gabby(Located at 258, 249) who has been investigating these incidents and help her in doing so.

Baby Rattle

  • To acquire a Baby Rattle simply find a Broken Toy amongst the various shaded area's on the floor by clicking them (be warned that sometimes you can get nothing from one, so you'll have to keep searching)and give it to Gabby(Located at 258, 249).
  • She will reward you with a Baby Rattle and tell you to go off to find more clues.

Baby Pacifier

  • After obtaining your Baby Rattle, Gabby(Located at 258, 249) will instruct you to look for more clues. These can be found by locating Broken Toy Piece NPCs around the map and talking to them. Each location is random for each player. They will give you 1 clue and you need 6 to complete the quest. It is strongly recommended that you write down your clues as you will have to figure out the answers to her questions based on the clues you are give. If you fail to answer correctly, you will have to obtain another Broken Toy item to continue.
  • For reference, here are some tips:
  • Return to Gabby after obtaining all 6 clues. She will ask you a series of questions. Some questions could be like "What kind of toy was it". You must refer to your 6 clues to figure out what kind of toy it was. There are a few questions and after successfully answering the questions, you will receive a Baby Pacifier (0)

Baby Bonnet

  • After receiving your Baby Pacifier (0), Gabby will advise you to go "teach Bapho a lesson" for breaking others' toys. When you approach the location (50, 140) on the map, you will be teleported to an instance where you must defeat him. Inside this instance, you will not be able to use @commands, or premium items. It is a non-donate fight and it is strongly recommended to bring healing items. You will not be able to bring a party inside this area.
  • Inside the area, you fight Bapho. For information on him, see the related page. If you fail to defeat him, you can return to the dungeon again and fight him from the start all over. He will be healed back to full HP.
  • After successfully teaching Bapho a lession, return to Gabby. She will thank you and you will receive a Baby Bonnet (2). The quest is therefore complete.

Upgrading Baby Bonnet & Baby Pacifier

  • After you have finished the quest to obtain the normal baby equipment, Gabby will allow you to upgrade them to a premium version. Premium version will give them more slots, cost some premium points, and be counted as premium items.
  • Talk to gabby, choose which piece you want to upgrade, and if you have enough premium points on your account, she will give you the upgraded version.

Set Bonus

When a baby equips all 3 pieces of the set, they gain certain bonuses. Most of these bonuses are the ability to use second class job skills. You must be level 255 to use this set (all 3 baby item). The following list contains the bonuses for each class: