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Aaron's Rod

Aaron's Rod
ID: 42656
Tradable: No
Storage-able: Yes
Vendable: No
Attack: 100
Slots: 3
Weapon Level: 4
Equipped On: Weapon
Equippable By: Soul Linker Class, Acolyte Class, Mage Class, Novice Class
Required Level: 250

Item Description

A wand once used by Aaron, a saint of the church of Prontera.

  • Int +3, Heal Power +5%
  • MATK +15%.
  • Decreases after-cast delay by 0.5% per refine.
  • [Speciality Bonus: High Priest] Grants Kyrie Eleison the extra property of 10% 'Card Defence' for 15 seconds to the recipient.

(Card Defence: Reduces effectiveness of opponent's card-based damage modifiers)

How To Obtain This Item


This item is not available on Eir.



This item is not available on Thor.


Script is currently unknown.