Maintenance 2016-01-16

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From the Maintenance Notes:

The very long-awaited class has been finally tweaked and should be in tip top shape to start Runnin n' Gunnin their way through Midgard! Finally a class for all you gun fanatics out there to call your very own and to have a taste of what it would be like to fire some heavy duty guns [in game at least]

Rebels feature a whole slew of new skills to play with, and are tailored for multiple different play styles, and choice of weaponry. Each weapon has it's own exclusive skills and abilities to play with. Let's take a look at some of the cool stuff Rebellion can do, shall we?

Pistols: Fast and accurate but when that doesn't cut it, jump into the fray with Fallen Angel and fire away with Fire Dance

Rifles : High damage and long range. Rifles can pierce heavily defended targets with Mass Spiral and break their resists with an Anti-Material Blast.

Shotguns : Low range, slow attack speeds, but E X T R E M E damage. Break everything your opponents have ever loved: Their buffs, their equipment, their life! All these skills pack a heavy-duty punch!

Gatling Gun : Who doesn't want to just go, PEW PEW PEW PEW, PEW PEW PEW PEW , PEW PEW PEW! [Results with PEW'ing may vary]

Grenade Launcher : Mines and explosives are your thing, eh? Not so much about shooting things? THEN LET'S BLOW SOME STUFF UP! Set a Binding Trap on the ground to slow your enemies and setup for your other abilities. Fire a Howling Mine onto them and set it all off with Flicker to watch them blow.

All of these are just a small taste of what to expect once you're finally a Rebel. Check out the rest in game for yourself~!

In addition to Rebellions being added into the game, multiple bug fixes have also been made and put in:

Note about Rebellions: They are absolutely not perfect. Please use one and report any inconsistencies you find in their skills. Thanks!

  • [FIXED] Vacuum Extreme - Will no longer last forever
  • [FIXED] Amistr's Skill Defense - Will now give 30 VIT to both homunculus and player as per Renewal behavior
  • [FIXED] Kagerou/Oboro's Pure Soul - Now regens 10% HP per tick rather than 5% HP
  • [FIXED] Renovatio - Now reproduceable by Shadow Chasers
  • [FIXED] Genetic's Cart Boost - Now actually affected by Quagmire and Decrease Agility.
  • [FIXED] Rune Strawberry Cake, Schwartzvald Pine Jubilee, and Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich are now all tradeable
  • [FIXED] Suras can again use Body Relocate in KvM
  • [FIXED] Thief classes can again use Backslide in KvM
  • [FIXED] Vellum weapons now work in KvM
  • [FIXED] Rebellion's HP/SP tables no longer drop once they reach level 151
  • [FIXED] Guillotine Cross' Dark Illusion - Now works in WoE maps; functions similarly to Sura's Knuckle Arrow
  • [FIXED] Gospel not inflicting statuses at the correct chance
  • [FIXED] Kagerou Skills - Kagerous are again able to skill Illusion - Shock, Illusion - Shadow, and Illusion - Death
  • [FIXED] Buyer License NPC - The Bulk Buyer License NPC is now back in the merchant guild
  • [FIXED] Notoriety's Valhalla Shield - Now gives 80 DEF like it's official counterpart
  • [FIXED] As per Hercules, Guillotine Cross' Cloaking Exceed has been reduced in speed to match official numbers.
  • [FIXED] Enchant Deadly Poison will no longer remove itself if you take off your weapon.
  • [CHANGED] Old Card Albums have been tweaked and updated to be more in line with Renewal standards
  • [CHANGED] The Welcome NPC has been moved since the starting grounds has also been changed.
  • [CHANGED] All mob skills have been updated to Official standards.
  • [CHANGED] Galapago Pet will now ask for Pinguicula Berry Juice instead of Vermilion on the Beach
  • [CHANGED] Warp in point for Prontera now put you in a more appropriate location
  • [CHANGED] Event and Vote Point shops have been moved back to Prontera
  • [CHANGED] The Vote Point store has had its prices redone and some special new items added As of this post, it's not up yet, but this will be updated when it is.
  • [ADDED] Deathmatch has come to Thor!
  • [ADDED] Every town should now have a WoE Warper.
  • [ADDED] Enriched Celermine Juice now has an icon showing it's duration.
  • [ADDED] Valkyrie Armors and Sniping Suits are now enchantable at the Apprentice Craftsman NPC. They are under High-Grade
  • [ADDED] An obscene number of headgear quests have been added to Thor. [With more to come!]

[Client Update] :

  • [ADDED] New status icons to better keep track of your Buffs / Debuffs, and your overall well-being (Loki will get this after they have their maint)
  • [ADDED] Card art! Thank you to all you wonderful artists out there
  • The following now have proper card splash arts:
    • Aenbharr
    • Indicolite
    • Leanen Sidhe
    • Mazdah Mantis
    • Mogwai
    • Onyx
    • Polistes
    • Rhodochrosite
    • Roseus Monstrum
    • Skoll Baby
    • Skoll
    • Sproutling
    • Treant
  • [ADDED] Skill sounds!