Barren Whip

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Barren Whip
ID: 40800
Tradable: Yes
Storage-able: Yes
Vendable: Yes
Attack: 60
Slots: 0
Weapon Level: 3
Equipped On: Weapon
Equippable By: Dancer / Gypsy class
Required Level: None

Item Description

  • ATK +20%
  • Increases Critical rate by (10 + Refine)
  • Increases damage with Criticals by (20 + 2 * Refine)%
  • All effects increase by refine. Can not be refined after creation.

How To Obtain This Item


This item is not available on Eir.



This item is not available on Thor.


{ bonus2 bAddClass, Class_All, 20; bonus bCritical, 10+getrefine(); bonus bCritAtkRate, 20+getrefine()*2 },{},{}