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Handicrafting is part of the new Artistry and Crafting System. For information about the system in general, see the specified page. The following is a guide to get you started on handicrafting:

  • Warp to Veins, and walk around the map to get to a plateau in the center. Locate the Handicrafting Guild (Located around 230, 180).
  • Speak to Handicrafting Master, and accept the invite to practice some handicrafting. Speak to him again and he will inform you of some work orders. You can complete these work order to earn Denarius, a type of currency used to buy higher skill level books. Since this is also crafting, you can gain skill levels by crafting the items for the work order.
    • Note: Denarius are NOT an actual item in your inventory. The check how many you gathered, you need talk to the Handicrafting Master.
  • When accepting a work order, it tells you the items required to fill it. Keep repeating the process of crafting items for the order until you reach a 5 level marker. Every 5 Skill Levels will make the master give you a new work order. For information on what work orders are for what skill level, see the table below.
  • Speak to the Handicrafting Table in the same area, and trade it items required for the crafted product. each time you craft items, you earn experience for your skill level. After creating the items, you can return to the Handicrafting Master who will give you denarius for the work order
  • Repeat the process of obtaining work orders, leveling, and crafting to advance in your craft. At any point, you may start crafting weapons and/or armors. The higher level you are in a craft, the better success chance you will have, so if you have level 10 Handicrafting, you will have close to no chance at succeeding in making a "Heartwood" level item. For a list of items you can forge that are non-work order crafts, see below under book crafting and weapon/equipment crafting.
  • You need a new Handicrafting Guide every 10 level to continue leveling your handicrafting skill. Intermediate at 10, Advanced at 20, and Journeymans' at 30 respectively.
  • You can buy Handicrafting Guides from the Handicrafting Shop. You can also buy an Artisan's Charm to increase your crafting success.
  • A message "Your handicrafting skill has increased slightly." or "Your handicrafting skill is now level _!" to let you know that your Handicrafting level increased.
  • You may speak to the Crafting Master to be told what your current crafting level is.
    • NOTE: Don't wear Incantation Samurai Card or any other cards that will make you lose HP, or the cast will be interrupted and you will lose your items during crafting!!

Crafting Ingredients

Work Order Crafting

Crafting processes, used to gain Denarius.

Skill Level Crafted Item Denarius Earned Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
0-4 20116.gif 1 or 2 Cut Lumber 1 1066.gif 1 Trunk 1061.gif 1 Witched Starsand
5-9 20117.gif 1 or 2 Tough Rope 2 7186.gif 1 Thin Trunk 1061.gif 1 Witched Starsand
10-14 20118.gif 1 or 2 Repaired Books 3 7117.gif 1 Torn Magic Book 1061.gif 1 Witched Starsand
15-19 20119.gif 1 or 2 Trimmed Roots 4 902.gif 1 Tree Root 1061.gif 1 Witched Starsand
20-24 20120.gif 1 or 2 Smooth Wooden Heart 5 20120.gif 1 Wooden Heart 1061.gif 1 Witched Starsand
25-29 20121.gif 1 or 2 Repaired Diamond 6 733.gif 1 Cracked Diamond 1061.gif 1 Witched Starsand
30-34 20122.gif 1 or 2 Smooth Wood 7 7222.gif 1 Wooden Gnarl 1061.gif 1 Witched Starsand
35-40 20123.gif 1 or 2 Repaired Pharaoh Emblem 8 7113.gif 1 Broken Pharaoh Emblem 1061.gif 1 Witched Starsand

Book Crafting

Crafting processes, used to gain the ingredients for the handicrafting items.

Required Book Crafted Item Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Crafting Supply
32503.gif Basic Handicrafting Guide
(Level 0-10)
20044.gif 1 or 2 Barren Lumber 1068.gif 1 Barren Trunk 1056.gif 1 Grit 20088.gif 1 Lumber Axe
20045.gif 1 or 2 Barren Block 20044.gif 2 Barren Lumber 963.gif 1 Sharp Scale 20089.gif 1 Lumber Saw
20046.gif 1 or 2 Barren Board 20045.gif 2 Barren Block 7043.gif 1 Fine Sand 20090.gif 1 Plane
20057.gif 1 or 2 Ruby Jewel 723.gif 1 Ruby 7041.gif 1 Fine Grit
20058.gif 1 or 2 Sapphire Jewel 726.gif 3 Sapphire 7041.gif 1 Fine Grit
32504.gif Intermediate Handicrafting Guide
(Level 11-20)
20047.gif 1 or 2 Solid Lumber 1067.gif 5 Solid Trunk 1056.gif 1 Grit 20088.gif 1 Lumber Axe
20048.gif 1 or 2 Solid Block 20047.gif 2 Solid Lumber 963.gif 1 Sharp Scale 20089.gif 1 Lumber Saw
20049.gif 1 or 2 Solid Board 20048.gif 2 Solid Block 7043.gif 1 Fine Sand 20090.gif 1 Plane
20059.gif 1 or 2 Topaz Jewel 728.gif 9 Topaz 7041.gif 1 Fine Grit
20060.gif 1 or 2 Zircon Jewel 729.gif 27 Zircon 7041.gif 1 Fine Grit
32505.gif Advanced Handicrafting Guide
(Level 21-30)
20050.gif 1 or 2 Fine Grained Lumber 1066.gif 25 Fine-Grained Trunk 1056.gif 1 Grit 20088.gif 1 Lumber Axe
20051.gif 1 or 2 Fine Grained Block 20050.gif 2 Fine Grained Lumber 963.gif 1 Sharp Scale 20089.gif 1 Lumber Saw
20052.gif 1 or 2 Fine Grained Board 20051.gif 2 Fine Grained Block 7043.gif 1 Fine Sand 20090.gif 1 Plane
20061.gif 1 or 2 Emerald Jewel 721.gif 81 Emerald 7041.gif 1 Fine Grit
20062.gif 1 or 2 Diamond Jewel 730.gif 100 1carat Diamond 7041.gif 1 Fine Grit
32506.gif Journeymans' Handicrafting Guide
(Level 31-40)
20053.gif 1 or 2 Heartwood Lumber 20064.gif 2 Heartwood 1056.gif 1 Grit 20088.gif 1 Lumber Axe
20054.gif 1 or 2 Heartwood Block 20053.gif 2 Heartwood Lumber 963.gif 1 Sharp Scale 20089.gif 1 Lumber Saw
20055.gif 1 or 2 Heartwood Board 20054.gif 2 Heartwood Block 7043.gif 1 Fine Sand 20090.gif 1 Plane
20067.gif 1 or 2 Asteria Jewel 20065.gif 3 Asteria 7041.gif 1 Fine Grit
20068.gif 1 or 2 Andalusite Jewel 20066.gif 3 Andalusite 7041.gif 1 Fine Grit

Weapon/Equipment Crafting

Crafting processes for each handicrafted item.
Note: the maximum refine for rings is +5.


At any time, a player can trade in a completed equipment / weapon to the Dismantling Table (Located at 236, 176).
By dismantling an item, you can receive some of the basic ingredients back. Just like crafting, you can receive the normal amount of items, or if your lucky, double the normal amount. You cannot dismantle any of the crafted Rings.
Depending on the item you try to dismantle, you get specific ingredients back. Such items include: