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A Glast from the Past Quests

Glast from the past Episode

The Glast from the past quest opens a whole new episode of quest lines including new maps, instances, dungeons etc. Following picture shows you an overview of what type of quests are involved :


Green Box - Official Quest
Blue Box - Story Quests
Purple Box - Side Quests
Orange Outline - Grants map access
Green Outline - Involves or unlocks an instanced fight
Yellow Outline - Involves a public instance
Grey Box - Not yet implemented

Sticky Situation isn't technically required for many of those quests - if any - but it is required to move around Glastheim (P) freely, so it is a soft-requirement to many quests.

A Glast from the Past Quests
First Quest Second Quest Third Quest Final Quest
A Glast from the Past Sticky Situation Shadow of the Raven The Return of Fluffy
Blood will Have Blood
Grab yer Sealegs! Chaser of the Sun
Side Quests
Grave Diggers Ghost Busters
Matchsticks for Food
Heaven's Sword
Cursed Ring Quest
Holy Ward Quest
The Morocc Traveler
Rice Cake Party!
An Opuntia by any Other Name
A Final Farewell
A Light that Burns Bright