The Morocc Traveler

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  • From Glastheim (P), head south 2 maps and west 1 map. You should be on Far_isld03. On that map, make your way to the lower right portion and you should find Denny (Located at 222, 107).
  • After speaking with him, he will tell you to go look for a giant red flower.
  • Head east 1 map, and north 1 map, to Far_isld04. Locate the flower around 362, 44.
  • Next head back to Denny, who will send you to find a master botanist in Glastheim (P)
  • Warp back to Glastheim (P) and on the west side, speak to Henrith located around 86, 236.

  • Now, go to where the Flower was located and after speaking to it, will give you 2 Red Petals.
  • After obtaining 2 Red Petals, head back to Denny and he'll thank you as well as take away 1 of them.
  • Finally, return to Henrith and he'll let you trade the last Red Petals that you have, as well as some other items listed below, for a Chung Hairband.


Required Items




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