Rice Cake Party!

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  • Make your way to the top left corner of Glastheim (P) and you will see Faith (Located at 65, 368).
  • Agree to help her and make your way west a bit. You will need to find Harmony which can be found at (137, 277).
  • Speak to her and tell her that her sister wants you to ask her for some Rice Cake. She will ask you to bring her:
  • After returning with the items she requires, you will obtain 1 Harmony's Rice Cake.
  • Go back to Faith and he'll now need some honey from his other sister, Hope.
  • Hope can be located in the bottom left of the map around 102, 63.
  • Speak to her and say that Faith wants you to ask her for some Honey. Unfortunately, she does not have any left, so she asks you to go fetch her:
  • Return after acquiring 100 Polistes Honey and Hope will give you a Hope's Honey.
  • Finally, return to Faith and she will take the Hope Honey from you and reward you with a Moon Rabbit Headband.


Required Items




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