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An Opuntia by any Other Name




  • Make your way to the center of Glastheim (P) to find Stephanie hiding among the hedges (Located at 223, 208).
  • After speaking with her, she'll ask you to collect 25 Semi-Germinated Saplings from Sproutling.
  • Next head back to Stephanie, who will send you to collect 10 Flexible Vine from Mogwai.
  • Head back to Stephanie, who will ask you to collect 1 Cactus Pear from Opuntia.
  • Finally, return to Stephanie and show her the Cactus Pear for a Potted Opuntia


Required Items

Items not consumed:



  • If you have already completed The Nightmare Within and been granted use of the teleportation orb, you can use it to teleport to Faroe Island Outpost (Far isld03).
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