Sashimi Banquet

From Revival Ragnarok Online


Midgardians had done a splendid job at fending off the Pasta Lady and her goons last year. This year, she is nowhere to be seen.

The Dorams decided to continue their merry time after an early and peaceful Carnival season.

However, their favourite caterer, the Sushi Master had taken a vacation.

Catto de Martino once again asks the help of the Midgardians to supply enough Raw Fish for the banquet to proceed.


NPC Catto de Martino
Catto de Martino

Start by first speaking to Catto de Martino NPC which can be found in various towns.

Easiest access at Prontera, in 156 174.

/navi prontera 156/174

Upon accepting to help him, Catto de Martino will require you to collect pieces of Raw Fish (id: 544)

Gathering and turning in 10,000 Fish Tails will reward individual players with an exclusive "Sushi Lover" title.

Gathering and turning in 15,000 Fish Tails will further reward individual pleyrs with a limited edition costume. Costume: Furry Knapsack

If total 500,000 Raw Fish Tails had been gathered server-wide, Catto de Martino will organize two rounds of EXPoring Event