EXPoring Event

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EXPoring Event is a custom event in RevivalRO. The goal of it being, to level up your characters in no time!
The event will only be held on special occassions by the GMs.



The event takes place on a mirror map of hu_fild02. It can be accessed by the Server Event messages (pm "Server" with "join" when the Event is active).

  • The map has a NPC:Job Master near the spawn area.
  • Only ONE IP is allowed to enter to prevent exessive Alt abuse.
  • Any items are allowed to use (Premium Items, Angra Manyu, Ahura Mazdah, etc).
  • Characters with Pets and/or Homunculus can't enter. You need to put those to rest first to enter.
  • Skills are disabled.

Once the Event starts, EXPorings will spawn all over the map.
Generally one Event round lasts for 10min.

Tips for Quick Leveling

  • If possible, try using an already Transendent Class, to not waste time on Job Master.
  • Use the Novice Gears from the Starting Area (if you have no other better options).
  • Try to get 196 ASPD as quick as possible (Commonly can be archived by either 200 AGI or 120 AGI and 150 DEX.)
  • Base LVL and Job LVL increasing items, such as Manuals, help.