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The Fight to Recover Lasagna...

Where was Midgard when Lasagna fell? It does not matter, we are here to retake the city for our Doram friends. Visit also Lasagna Mechanics.

Lasagna Invasion - Scenary.jpg


Lasagna and Midgard was attacked at the end of the of the festivities of the Carnival. While Midgard has been busy with it's own turmoil with the rift created by the imbalance of the world, Lasagna has been devastated by multiple attacks. Weakened by the attacks that Vanustra did to the City, they have been invaded the the cult of [Flying Spaghetti Monster]. The citizen of Lasagna has been displaced and are seeking refuge in nearby realms. Catto de Martino, the minister of defense of Lasagna came to Midgard in hopes of their aid.

The Tale of Fish Tail

The Dorams are a proud race. Known as merchants and traders in many realms. However due to their proud nature, they will not let themselves be a burden to others. This is why when seeking aid, they specifically asked for Fish Tails; something not needed by many, but will still have enough sustenance for the Doram.

The Retaking of Lasagna

Now that the forces of Catto has been fed, they are now ready to go back to Lasagna to recover the city. They are asking for any aid we can provide them. However, they are in constant fear that whomever goes with them to retake the city might try to conquer it themselves. With this in mind, they are only accepting those who has helped them to go with them to this journey.

The Ones that Remained

On the exodus of Catto and his forces, they had to leave some citizens behind. The dorams are known for their ability to blend to their surroundings and some citizens may still be inside; and they might not look like Dorams. Catto is asking the Midgardians to be wary of whom they attack inside the city; some of them may actually be friends.

You will be expelled from the mission once you kill a citizen of Lasagna!

And now, we need you, Adventurers of Midgard on RevivalRO, to help us retrieve Lasagna back so we may bring back the Dorams and give them back their land...!

Mechanisms of Lasagna Invasion

For more information, check at Lasagna Mechanics.

Lasagna Background.png

There will be 5 waves in total: 3 waves of normal mobs, 1 wave of mini-bosses, and 1 wave of the final boss... the Pasta Lady... You must work together with others to defeated all the normal mobs before the time runs out! And if you don't... you'll get booted out until next time! And with a little twist, you also have to beat all the mini-bosses to summon the final boss! Otherwise, you lose in the instance again!

There are also two player modes: Normal and Nightmare, and two kinds of monster modes: Easy and Normal.

You can check for the time with @invasion_time and the mobs with @invasion_mobs! Be warned, most waves are 5 minutes long!

Also, we have a Shop therefore we have Meow Coins! Meow Coins will be dropped during the instance by mobs at a low chance but, everyone will get a chance to get at least 3 Meow Coins if the instance is done correctly and completed!

To Participate in the Event

"Meow~ Hewwo fewwlo Meowers~, Tarunyan here~ Nyan~~"

Tarunyan will call all Adventurers to come join the Doram's cause to retrieve their land back from the Pasta Lady!

Once you have agreed to join the Resistance (Kitty Nation), you must wait for every odd hour + 42 minutes on Server Time for Tarunyan's announcement!


If the instance is successfully finished 80 times in Normal Mode, the player archives the following title:

  • "Cat's Hero"

If the instance is successfully finished 60 times in Nightmare Mode, the player archives the following title:

  • "Spaghetti Destroyer"

Meow Shop

"Heeelllo *cluck* my name is Meowster the 3rd and I am the Meow Shop!"

We have the Meow Shop in town for Lasagna Invasion! Meow shop will include items from Prontera Invasion and items from Lasagna Invasion! The Meow Shop will only accept Meow Coins that is obtained through the event by killing monsters and participating in the instance all the way through Wave 5 and being it! The prices varies but Prontera Invasion items will be cheaper since it was a pasta event!

Note: Most of the costumes, if not all, are Account Bound!

Costumes & Headgear Prices

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Costume: Moon and Stars 550 Costume: Mermaid Wig 350 Costume: Black Fox Ear Ribbon 350
Costume: Fire Muffler 250 Costume: Soul of Meow 575 Costume: Fishbowl Parfait Hat 350
Costume: Tear Drop 250 Costume: Forsaken Ears 350 Costume: White Cat On Shoulder 350
Costume: Revenant Crown 250 Costume: Cat-Eared Bandana 350 Wolf Officer Hat 200
Costume: Magic Circle 300 Costume: Mecha Cat Ears 350 Tai Chi Earrings 200

Items Prices

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Bubblegum 130 Enriched Elunium Box (10) 75 Gym Membership Card Box 100
Convex Mirror 100 Enriched Oridecon Box (10) 75 Ygg Berry Voucher (50) 60
Fresh Fish 5 Sushi 5

Pet Prices

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Anglerfish Egg 200 Angry Penguin Egg 200 Tacnu Egg 200
Scatleton Egg 200 Nyanring Egg 200

Exchange Shop - Lasagna Chef

/navi prontera 199/172

Get a random costume and didn't like it?

Or just get tired of the costume?

The pet you got are eating too much?

Don't worry, your problems are over!

The Lasagna Chef, located in Prontera (199,172), will exchange costumes and eggs from the invasion for Meow Coins.

Beware, he isn't a nice trader, he won't give you the full price for these items.

He also can give a random item, for 30 Meow coins, but you can receive a costume or a sushi. Its on your luck!

Note: He only accepts costumes and eggs from Lasagna Event!

 "Hello adventurer nyan!
 Thank you for saving our town form the cruel pasta lady! We are safe and furry, at least for now nyan!
 We appreciate your help, so we will offer you something in return nyan!
 We will accept some of your unused items you got from the shop. Or any items dropped by those scary monsters nyan!
 However, I will only take permanent costumes and eggs...
 I can give you 12-20% meow coins from their original price nyan! 
 Take it or leave it nyan!"
 "You can also give me 30 meow coins. And you will receive random items from the last invasion!
 But that all dependes on your lucky ... or my mood!"

New Costumes & Headgears- Added to Meow Shop 2022

Item Item Item Item
Fishbowl Parfait Hata - 192213.jpg

Costume: Fishbowl Parfait Hat

White Cat On Shoulder - 192215a.jpg

Costume: White Cat On Shoulder

Wolf Officer Hat - 1092216a.jpg

Wolf Officer Hat

Tai Chi Earrings - 1092217a.jpg

Tai Chi Earrings


Costumes from previous Lasagna

Item Item Item Item Item
Forsaken Ears Mid.gif

Costume: Forsaken Ears

Cat Eared Bandana Upper.gif

Costume: Cat-Eared Bandana

Mecha Cat Ears Upper.gif

Costume: Mecha Cat Ears

Mermaid Wig Lower.gif

Costume: Mermaid Wig

Soul of Meow Garment.gif

Costume: Soul of Meow



Effects when Loyal:

  • Str +3
  • Small chance to stun when attacking.

Effect on Loyal :

  • Has a small chance to Vanish 1% of your opponent's HP when attacking.

Angry Penguin

Effects when Loyal:

  • Dex +3
  • Chance to cast coma on brute monsters with weapon attacks.

Effect on Loyal :

  • A small increase on damage dealt to small and medium size monsters.


Effects when Loyal:

  • Int +3
  • Small chance to Cold your opponent when hit.

Effect on Loyal :

  • Has a small chance to Vanish 1% of your opponent's SP with magic attacks.

Scatelton.gif Scatleton

Effects when Loyal:

  • LUK +3
  • Increase damage to Undead, Shadow, and Fire Elements by 3%.
Skelion-evolution1.png Requirements:
  • Scatleton Pet with 1000 Loyalty
  • 666 Skel Bone
  • 250 Rotten Meat
  • 250 Rune of Darkness
Skelion.gif Skelion

Effects when Loyal:

  • LUK +5
  • Increase damage to Undead, Shadow, and Fire Elements by 5%.
  • Increase Resistance to Holy element by 5%


Effects when Loyal:

  • AGI +5
  • Flee +50
  • Have 5% chance to cast Wide Sight when get hit by physical attack