The Tale of the Fish Tail

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Catto de Martino and his kin of Dorams had recently been attacked and are now all scattered across Rune Midgard.

They now need the help of fellow Rune Midgardians to supply them with nourishment for the upcoming battle.


NPC Catto de Martino
Catto de Martino

Start by first speaking to Catto de Martino NPC which can be found in various towns.

Easiest access at Prontera, in 156 174.

/navi prontera 156/174

Fish Tail.png

Upon accepting to help him, Catto de Martino will require you to collect pieces of Fish Tails (id: 1023) Gathering and turning in 10,000 Fish Tails to Catto de Martino will reward you with a limited edition costume. Costume:Fish Head Hat

Gathering and turning in 15,000 Fish Tails will further reward players with an exclusive title.

When 500,000 Fish Tails had been reached server-wide, Catto de Martino and his kin will be well supplied enough for Lasagna Event where all players can also join in on the fun.


"Good day, Midgardian, I am called Catto. I am here to ask help for my fellow Dorams.

We have been attacked recently and my kins are scattered all over Midgard in search for strong adventurers.

We however need supplies for the comming days. We need a total of [500,000] pieces of fish tails (id: 1023).

This will help feed my kins for the coming battle.

There are (current number of players signed up to help) adventures already helping us. And there is a total of (current number of collected) fish tails already collected.

Will you help us?"

"Thank you player.

You can give the supplies to me or any of my kinsman all over Midgard."


Here's what you need to do :

  • Talk to Catto de Marino, he is near the warp respawn of the cities.
  • He will ask you to collect Fish Tails and submit it to him.
  • He needs a total of 500,000 Fish Tails in order to satisfy Tarunyan.
  • After 500.000 of Fish Tails are collected, the Lasagna Invasion will be started.
  • Players need to collect 15,000 of Fish Tails in order to get an exclusive title, and 10,000 of Fish Tails for a limited edition costume.


Limited time Cashshop Items Available during this Event Time