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Using a Base

For All Guild Members:

  • To enter your base, you need to speak to the Town Master, located in Hugel (89, 147)
  • In order to save your spawn point in your base, you need to speak to the Guild Assistant.

For Guild Leaders:

  • To pay the upkeep cost for your guild town, you must talk to the Town Master. Payment is due every 30 days or functions in the base will shut down until the payment is made.
  • You can send a PM to "NPC:GT" with anything in the PM. When you do PM this NPC, it will allow you to change access options as well as the password for your base. Access options range from "Anyone", "Guild Members Only", "Anyone with a password".

Obtaining a Base

The process of obtaining a base is a lot simpler than it may appear. The first step is to read the Guild Towns forum topic. Make sure it says "[Purchasing Open]" before continuing. If the purchasing period is closed, your requests will not get approved. After making sure that purchasing is open at the moment and you are logged into the forums, send a PM to Luxuri.

In the body of the PM, include all the information listed below that you want included in the base. When choosing things such as NPCs, make sure to choose the coordinates you want the NPC located at as well as the facing compared to a compass (N, NW, W, E, S, SW, etc). As well, include the username of the account where the points used to purchase the base will be located on. Please make sure they are in your account and not in point coin form.

If Chibi has any questions regarding your purchase, you will be contacted. Please try not to pester the staff about guild town questions or the status of your purchase.

Base Cost

This is the cost of the map itself. It is largely dependent on the map size, which is determined by the usable part of the map. Go to opposite corners and after typing /where, take the difference if you're looking at a specific map. Example: Morroc goes from ~40, 40 to 300, 300 so it's 260x260 cells in size. The following table displays the price of a map dependant on size:

Map Size Price (Upkeep)
Small (Less than 100x100) 100c (10c)
Medium (100x100 - 200x200) 150c (15c)
Large (More than 200x200) 200c (20c)
Custom (*See note*) 250c (25c)
  • Note: Custom maps, require that you send the staff the appropriate map files. These maps can be as small, or large as you want.


With ownership of a Guild Town, you have the ability to purchase special NPCs that provide various conveniences. Prices, are listed in credits. 1 credit is equal to 100 Premium Points. The following NPCs can be purchased:

Name Price (Upkeep) Description Notes
Warpra Free (Free) Allows you to warp to dungeons/towns (similar to Warpra), and opens Storage / Character Storage. Unlike normal Warpras, this NPC does not allow you to save.
Guild Assistant Free (Free) Only responds to guild members and allows you to save your spawn point in the Guild Town.
Healer 10c (1c) Standard healer NPC. Completely heals your character's HP and SP On Eir, this functions as an Inn. It will heal your HP/SP by paying 5,000 zeny.
PVP Warper 10c (1c) Allows you to warp to various PvP and GvG maps to fight other players.
Decarder 10c (1c) Decards your weapons and/or equipment for a small fee. This NPC is similar to the Decard Lady in the Prontera refine building.
Repairman 10c (1c) Helps repair all your broken equipment at a cost of 5,000 zeny per broken item.
Refiner 10c (1c) Upgrades your weapons and/or equipment, like a normal refiner.
Tool Dealer 10c (1c) This NPC buys items and sells standard items, such as potions, quivers, etc.
GTFO 10c (1c) This NPC, when triggered by the Guild Leader, will kick everyone that is not in the guild out of the map.
<Custom Name> 5c (Free) This is a 'for fun' NPC that will randomly speak one of the 20 lines provided when clicked on.
Chauffeur 10c (1c) Allows players to warp to various useful locations such as Cedi, RDC, Artistry & Crafting, etc. Not available on Eir / Tyr
Job Changer
Platinum Skill NPC
5c (Free) Allows players to change jobs and obtain their quest skills. Not available on Eir / Tyr
Universal Rental 5c (Free) Gives players, with the proper skills, a Cart / Falcon / Peco
Stylist 5c (Free) Allows players to change their hair color, hair style, and clothing color, as well as Save / Load styles.
Reset Girl 5c (Free) Allows players to reset their skills / stats for a small fee.
Effect Maker 5c (Free) Turns on / off various effects, such as: Fireworks, Snow, Leaves. Some effects don't work properly on all maps.
Guild Dungeon Warper 10c (1c) Allows you to warp to the guild dungeons for which your guild currently owns the castle to.

Other requests

Type Price (Upkeep) Description
Passive Bombring 1c (Free) A bombring monster that when hit, will explode killing everything close to it.


Alterations to your town can be requested at any time and will be done for the next scheduled maintenance as long as requested prior to the cut off point for Guild Towns for the month. All alterations require a base cost before any other additional fees that must be paid to make the requested changes.

  • Base Cost - 10c (5c if you are ONLY adding a new feature)
  • Upgrading / Downgrading the size of your map (Small -> Medium, Large -> Small) - Half the cost of a new map.
  • Adding an NPC/Spawn - Cost of said NPC/Spawn
  • Moving an NPC - Free
  • Removing NPC/Spawn - Free