Eid Al-Adha Event 2023

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Eid Al-Adha is a short hunting event. We hope you enjoy it.

NOTE: This event does not represent any real life faith or story behind Eid Al-Adha. Any similarities are purely coincidental.


M'ajya Hie rei, Eid Al-Adha. It is the Feast of the Sacrifice. I, the Goat Slayer have once again arrived in Prontera and I warmly invite you to join me in the festival of holy sacrifice. The Feast of the Sacrifice is a test of faith to my God Nur' Aecapri by sacrificing Goats to him. It is the act of obedience to his commands.

This year there will be something extra for those who had diligently participated in the feast of holy sacrifice.

Goat Slayer NPC

I shall remain here in Prontera [location at 178, 218] all but only 2 days. To begin this sacred task, one must first speak to me to activate the task and be enjoined in the slaughter of goats to please to Nur' Aecapri. This event shall be a global event, meaning, each and every person must contribute in order to gain the ultimate prize and surprise that everyone would have ever wanted for the longest time. So be sure to work together and get to the very top with all the sacrifices!!


Our quarry, the Goat can be found in ein_fild6, yuno_fild6 & yuno_fild7. Each Goat hunted is counted as 1 Goat Sacrifice.

Ein fild06 (1).gifYuno fild06 (1).gifYuno fild07 (1).gif

This season the Goats are particularly in abundance, as a result of the rains Nur' Aecapri has brought upon the lands. Occasionally, herds of goats will migrate to some places they don't normally appear in. Keep vigil for these announcements.

But alas, our acts of piety shall not go unhindered. Cow Raider Enemy will spawn every odd hour in these same maps to threaten your well-being. The arrival of these apostates will be announced along with their own random sacrifice value. All players participating in the taking down of these traitors shall earn the announced value as Goat Sacrifice.

Cow Raider Enemy Announcement.png

Cow raider announcement.png

Cow Raider Enemies.png

These brutes are extremely tough and will require no less than a good team of players to take them down.

Ashir'ee Hie Ryol and Goodluck dear adventurers.


As a way to say thanks for their contributions, Goat Slayer will bestow players with rewards. There are two types of rewards for this event. Personal Rewards which are awarded to individual players and Global Rewards which are awarded for the whole server to enjoy.

The first rewards are awarded at 2,000 and 4,000. These are Personal Rewards. Meanwhile, all Goats sacrificed will contribute to the global cumulative amount of which will ultimately allow Global Rewards!

For example, if a player has hunted 4000 Goats, Costume: Sleepy Sheep (Pink) will be rewarded to that player.

When 25,000 Goat Sacrifices is reached globally, from the efforts of all the players, Pancakes Pancake.gif will be awarded to all players.

Below lists the rewards that can be achieved both on individual and global levels.

Personal Rewards ________ Global Rewards
2,000 Goats Sacrificed- the title of 'The Goat Slayer'

4,000 Goats Sacrificed- Costume: Sleepy Sheep (Pink)
________ 25,000 Goats Sacrificed- 100 Pancakes Pancake.gif for all players

30,000 Goats Sacrificed- Floating Rates for 90 minutes

40,000 Goats Sacrificed- Floating Rates for 90 minutes

75,000 Goats Sacrificed- EXPoring.pngEXPoring Event will be held at an announced date.

90,000 Goats Sacrificed- Costume: Tent (Players must have 6k personal kills to gain this.)

New Costumes for 2023
Sleepy Sheep Pink