2023 Rabbit Lunar New Year

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The year of the cute and cuddly Rabbits!!!

We are delighted to release our 2023 Rabbit New Year event to kick off the new Lunar year!


We have three features: Lunar Daily Coins, Lunar Slot Machine and Bunnies Hunting!

The event’s NPCs can be found at Payon: Fortune God, Fortune Boy, Slot Machine and Hei Bai.
They are located near the Payon Royal Kitchen.
Area around (145, 323)

CNY 2023 NPCs.jpg

Fortune GodFortune God.png

The Fortune God had descended from the Heavens to join Rune Midgard for this auspicious celebration. And he brought some gifts with him.

Speaking to the Fortune God at the start of every day during Chinese New Year season is said to bring even greater fortune.

Daily Rewards

Be sure to claim your Daily Rewards at the start of every new day.

Day __ Items
Day 1 Coin.gif Chinese Coin x1
Lunar New Year Envelop.gif Lunar New Year Envelope x10
__ __
Day 2 Coin.gif Chinese Coin x2
Blacksmith Blessing.gif Blacksmith's Blessing x5
__ __
Day 3 Coin.gif Chinese Coin x3
Event Point Coin.gif Event Point Coin x3

Hei BaiHei Bai.png

Grandmother Hei Bai, a local of Payon is beyond ecstatic!! The Fortune God had chosen to Air BnB with her family this year. On top of that, all her descendants had returned for the reunion.

She decided to throw a fun activity for all of Rune Midgard, literally, she had scattered Chinese Charms in select fields for Rune Midgardians to find.

However, the Chinese Charms attracted Rabbit mobs who picked up every single Chinese Charm. Its a deviation from the initial plan, but adds to the fun all the more.

Players must get the Chinese Charms back from them rabbits. But these aren’t the feeble Lunatics in Payon. No, no.
These are Lunar New Year Rabbits!! I'd like to see the players try!

Agressive Rabbits.png

Map of fields in relation to nearby towns. (Marked in orange square)
White Rabbit Payon.png __ White Rabbit Prontera.png __ White Rabbit Geffen.png __ White Rabbit Veins.png
pay_fild01__pay_fild02__pay_fild03 __ prt_fild01__prt_fild02__prt_fild03__prt_fild04 __ gef_fild01__gef_fild02__gef_fild03 __ ve_fild01__ve_fild02
pay_fild04__pay_fild05__pay_fild06 prt_fild05__prt_fild06__prt_fild07__prt_fild08 gef_fild04__gef_fild05__gef_fild06 ve_fild03__ve_fild04
pay_fild07__pay_fild08__pay_fild09 prt_fild09__prt_fild10__prt_fild11 gef_fild07__gef_fild08__gef_fild09 ve_fild05__ve_fild07
pay_fild10__pay_fild11 gef_fild10__gef_fild11

Hei Bai's Shop

The Chinese Charms can be used for redeeming various items from Hei Bai’s shop.

Item __ Price
(Chinese Charms)
____ Item __ Price
(Chinese Charms)
____ Item __ Price
(Chinese Charms)
Infinite Fly Wing.gif Infinite Fly Wing 3,000 Old Card Album mini icon.gif Mystical Card Album 800 Reraise Potion.gif Reraise Potion 300
Infinite Magnifier.gif Infinite Magnifier 3,000 Old Card Album mini icon.gif Old Card Album 500 Scroll.gif Damned Scroll 300
Pancake.gif Pancaline's Special Stack 2,000 Bloody Branch.gif Bloody Branch 500 Lunar New Year Envelop.gif Lunar New Year Envelope 88
Old Purple Box.gif Aspersio Scroll Box 1,000 Blacksmith Blessing.gif Blacksmith's Blessing 500 Coin.gif Chinese Coin 188
Ticket.gif Character Storage Ticket 1,000 Enriched Elunium.gif Enriched Elunium 300
Battle Manual.gif Battle Manual x3 1,000 Enriched Oridecon.gif Enriched Oridecon 300

Or players can submit them to Hei Bai to contribute to the Fortune Accumulation.

Fortune Accumulation

Submitting Chinese Charms to grandmother Hei Bai will contribute to both personal and server wide rewards. See table below.

___ ___________Reward ___ Reward Type
2k "Year of the Rabbit" Title ___Personal
5k Fluffy Rabbit Cape Sml Icon.png Costume: Fluffy Rabbit Cape ___Personal
50k Pancake.gif Server Pancake x250 (Zotar) ___Global
100k Coin.gif Server Chinese Coin x10 (Zotar) ___Global
150k EXPoring.png EXPoring Event!!! ___Global

Slot MachineSlot Machine.png & Fortune BoyFortune Boy.png

Joining in on his grandmother’s jubilant mood, the Fortune Boy would like to include players in his family’s favourite New Year activity.
Gambling with their Family-owned Slot Machine .

The Slot Machine will accept Coin.gifChinese Coins and will give players a chance to win various prizes.

Grand Prizes includes

Infinite Fly Wing.gif Infinite Fly Wing
Infinite Magnifier.gif Infinite Magnifier
Blacksmith Blessing.gif Blacksmith's Blessing
Old Purple Box.gif Box'o'Cuddles

Our new Grand Prize Costume.

Chinese Coins can be bought from Fortune Boy for 5m zeny per coin or obtained from the Fortune God’s daily rewards. Don’t miss out!!