2022 Hawker Supplier

From Revival Ragnarok Online

The Hawker Supplier sisters Noonarie and Leverie are typically available during Summer Events.

They can be found at the dock of Brasilis.

Leverie:(Brasilis 309 72), Noonarie:(Brasilis 316 78)

They each offer their own form of currency, (Noonarie: Chicken Feet) & (Leverie: Conch) in exchange for a list of items.

They independently asks for a list of items from a set of List Options. However, Noonarie (easy mode) asks for lower amount of items in comparison to her sister Leverie (hard mode) who asks players for a greater amount of items.

The sisters will present their wanted lists when players speak to them.

There is no time limit to hand in the items to the sisters. The wanted list of items will only change if:

  1. Player submits the wanted list of items. The sisters will present players with a new list after midnight server time.
  2. Player uses @hawker_refresh commands to obtain a new list. Usable for each sister only once per day.

Table below outlines how the sisters differ.

Mode Currency Given Shop to Redeem Item List Refresh Command

Hard (More Items) Conch Summer Lotto Shops @hawker_refresh

Easy (Lesser Items) Chicken Feet (CF) Noonarie's Stand @hawker_refresh2

Leverie's Conches

Leverie offers an exchange of Summer Lottery shop credit at the rate of 5 conch per shop tier. Table below outlines the rates.

Shop to Conch exchange rate
Shop 1 = 5 Conch Shop 4 = 20 Conch
Shop 2 = 10 Conch Shop 5 = 25 Conch
Shop 3 = 15 Conch Shop 6 = 30 Conch

Players obtain 1 Conch per item list they turn in.

Noonarie's Chicken Feet

Noonarie offers a cheaper exchange for event costumes found in Summer Lottery Shop 6.

Note: Unlike the costumes from Summer Lottery Shop 6, the costume versions from Noonarie's Stand are account bound.

Noonarie's Version of Event Costumes can be redeemed through Noonarie's Stand (located directly next to Noonarie). These are the costumes available.

Each costume costs 10 CF (chicken feet)
New Costumes for 2023

Costumes from previous years

Costume: Khalitzburg Helm2

Costume: Long Twin Braids2

Costume: Three Rabbits Ribbon2

Costume: Yurayura Parasol2

Costume: Floating Shields2

Costume: Standing Mic2

Costume: Imperial Glory2

Costume: Baby Panda2

Costume: Bear Backpack2

Costume: Sunglass Baseball Cap2