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Royal Operations Quest/Calling Bishop Hibram

Royal Operations Quest/Calling Bishop Hibram
Tier Party Members Time Limit Map
2 3 - 5 Member 15 Minutes CallingBishopHibram.jpg
1 Ticket
Credit Reward
1 Credit Point
Recommended Classes for the mission
High Priest (Support), Assassin Cross, Gunslinger

Operation Description

This is a mission on Tier 2 of the Royal Operations Quest. The mission is to search and destroy the real Fallen Bishop Hibram. However, it's not as easy as it sounds. The map is filled with monsters waiting to stop you, and you must find the Fallen Bishop Hibram amongst it's impostor clones.

You start off on the dock of the map. The map is filled with Banshees where if you kill them, they will just re spawn somewhere else. Make your way around the whole island, searching for the Fallen Bishop Hibram. When you find him, you must kill him. But watch out! Once you kill him, he summons 12 or so more. Hidden among the 12 or so Fallen Bishop Hibrams, is the real one. When the real one is killed the mission will be complete and you can go claim your reward.

NOTE: Do NOT kill too many of the Banshee! They re spawn exponentially, meaning, if you kill 1; 2 will re spawn. This not only makes it harder to tank damage (if not immune) but also makes the game significantly lag more.

  • When going to fight Fallen Bishop Hibram, it is best to bring an Assassin Cross. When the 12 or so Hibrams are summoned after the first one dies, they can easily kill you because they all summon the Banshee mobs. Find a bridge, or somewhere that you can backslide away to. After you kill the first Fallen Bishop Hibram, backslide away so that you are not surrounded by the new spawns. Then it is just a matter of fighting them 1 on 1.
  • It is good to bring the following characters when forming your party: High Priest, Assassin Cross. The Assassin Cross will have the easiest time killing Fallen Bishop Hibram, while the High Priest supports him using buffs and Asperio. The high priest could also use Magnus Exorcismus to kill the Banshee mobs.
  • If you have characters who can survive against the Banshees alone, it is also good to split in different directions. Though the map doesn't look big, sometimes Fallen Bishop Hibram could be hidden in the far corners that you overlook. You only have 15 minutes to finish the map and walking takes up most of the time if you can't find him.
  • Once the real Hibram died, the Treasure Chest can be claimed at the spawn point.

Common Class Builds

Some short summaries of gears and stats classes can uses. Technically any class can run this mission solo, as long as they got enough resistance and can deal enough damage to kill Hibram.

Assassin Cross
  • STR - 255. It can't hurt to kill him faster with more attack.
  • AGI - Enough to get 196 ASPD.
  • VIT - 50 or more. Just enough so you have HP to survive a few attacks.
  • INT - None, not needed.
  • DEX - 50 or more.
  • LUK - Your choice, for Critical damage or not. It's not necessary.
  • Upper Headgear - Drooping Amistr for even more damage.
  • Middle Headgear - Golden Wings for more damage still Large Angelwing (Red) If you want with Critical Build.
  • Lower Headgear - Pirate's Dagger for more attack, or Hip Ribbon if you want to take 10% less damage from him, though if you can survive against normal FBH, you should be able to survive against this guy 1 on 1. or Red Bag. Any.
  • Armor - Valkyrie Armor with Gloom Under Night card if you have it. If you don't, then Bathory card which protects you from any Dark Element spell there, that way you can tank 200 Banshees and none of them will hit you with Soul Strike. Switching Armors is also an option.
  • Right Hand Weapon - 4 slotted weapon with the cards: Abysmal Knight, Abysmal Knight, Strouf, Santa Poring. It should deal out the most damage, while also getting Double Attack A Specialty Jur with the same card combo also works pretty fine if you choose to go Critical Build.
  • Left Hand Weapon - Hardened Sword, or another 4 slotted dagger with 4x Zosimos Card if you can afford them. If not, then you can use another 4 slotted weapon with the same 4 card combos mentioned before.
    • Perun Axe. For AoE damage.
  • Garment - Valkyrie Manteau with any card you choose or Great Demon's Shroud with Isis, or anything you want
  • Footgear - Any kind of footgear that gives more HP (Variant Shoes, Ebony Greaves, etc)
  • Accessory - The Sign, or Megingjard. Both add damage that will help kill him faster. Alternatively you can use an Enhancing Clip which give several stat and attack buffs along with the Ring of Flame Lord (without the Ring of Resonance) so you cast additional attacks like Bowling Bash, Pressure etc. Also, Recondite Rings with Mantis Cards or Ifrit Cards will work.

  • STR - Any left over points from the other stats. This will be mainly for Weight capacity.
  • AGI - for 196 ASPD.
  • VIT - 150+
  • INT - 30+
  • DEX - 255.
  • LUK - None, not needed.

Just Find the FBH and Spam Desperado, easy as Pie.