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Monster of the Day

Note: This system/feature is only available on Thor


Monster of the Day, or for short, MOTD, is a daily reward system for players to hunt monsters for a prize. Every single day at 00:00 (12am midnight), the monster and prize change. The monster can be of any type of monster and the reward will be 3 Bacon with 1-3 Heroic Points.

MOTD is account based, so if you kill some of the monsters on one character, then decide to change characters and continue killing, the counts will continue from where it left off.

You can find out which monster has been chosen for the day's MOTD, by speaking to the Monster of the Day NPC in Prontera (Located at 160, 188). When you speak to it, it will display the following information:

  • Monster - The monster's name
  • Mob ID - The specific mob id. Some monsters share similar names, but are different mobs. This specifies which mob to kill
  • Max HP - The amount of HP the monster has
  • Def - How much Defense the mob has
  • MDef - How much Magic Defense the mob has
  • Element - The monster's element
  • Current Kills - How many kills you have performed on this mob
  • Kills Remaining - How many more kills you need to finish todays monster kill
  • Todays Heroic Points - The amount of Heroic points earned after killing all the monsters for today.

You can also send a pm to "NPC:Monster of the Day" to receive the same information listed above.


  • Bonuses do not apply during WoE.