Weekly Sale Shop

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The Weekly Sale Shop is a weekly updated shop that gives cheaper or exclusive sales for some Premium Items/Headgears.

The set of items changes every Saturday 00:00 server time.

The Weekly Sale NPC is located at @hub (auch_city,183, 260). ____ Players can also reach the Weekly Sale NPC by speaking to
the Weekly Sale Staff in Prontera (154, 176)

Current Sale

General Sales

Set of New Clothes ________ 2,500 PP
Set of New Clothes V2 2,500 PP
Pimp Hat 1,700 PP
Cute Red Ribbons 1,300 PP
Cute Blue Ribbons 1,300 PP

Premium Point Exclusive Sale

Electric Aura ________ 2,000 PP
Electric Aura (Orange 2,000 PP
Pecopeco Wing 1,300 PP